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Air bubbles in chest, pain, shortness of breath

I get this feeling maybe 2-3 times a year, it starts off as very mild in lower left chest then moved up the middle of my chest and the pain becomes intense. To the point where I am curled up on the floor trying to find a position it will stop, sweating perfusuly. I seen a lot of people on here with the same symptoms, best thing I have found so far to help is Alka Seltzer. Just to put the word out there for anyone in need, I know how painful this can be. Good luck

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Hi Disclosure, The fact that this chest pain/shortness of breath only happens 2-3 times a year sounds more like an allergy of some sort to the outdoor molds, pollen etc. Experiencing Air Bubbles/Gas in your chest can be extremely painful. My concern is about you sweating profusely when in this intense chest pain. I really feel you should see your doctor regarding this issue before considering it as anxiety. Let us know how you do. My best.


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