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Thought I had anxiety under control, WRONG!


Hi I've been doing pretty well for this last month or so but yesterday while driving to our cottage, out of the blue I had that familiar problem I've dealt with in the past while driving. I want to jump out of the car. I panicked and started shallow breathing. I tried to control myself and take deep breathes but the fear took over and I turned around back home. So today I'm really sad. I have a meeting tomorrow and I'm dreading it knowing I have to stay in the room and listen. My Dr did say I should take 20 mg of paxil instead of 10 and I hate that idea. Like alot of us shouldn't be doing, I googled seritonin syndrome. Does anyone know about this? This all stems from health anxiety and I want to get blood work done again since it's been 3 years but I'm scared something will be wrong. It was fine back then so I don't get why I think this way. Thanks for reading and so glad we all understand each other in this forum.

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Hi Francesca61, try not to be so hard on yourself for turning the car around and heading home. It happens.. That is one time that I don't think it's a good idea to push yourself if you are feeling that bad while driving. It's not safe. You did the right thing. Now when you are in the meeting tomorrow you can prepare yourself before hand as well as during the meeting by doing your deep breathing. I understand you are afraid to up the dose of your medication. We are all like that. The thing is we waste so much time in staying on a dose that may not be working and allowing the symptoms to break through. Of course you know that to Google just sets you up for more fear and concern that something bigger is going on. Do you know that I have never Googled in my life? We don't need generalized information of what it may be. It's our anxiety that taunts us to seek wrong info so it can further make us anxious and fearful. Take that step forward out of your comfort zone and have your blood work done. Better sooner than later so you can stop worrying.

Good Luck tomorrow in the meeting. We'll be here if you need support. x

Francesca61 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1, thanks for your help. I was sort of pushing myself to go to the cottage and thought if I felt nervous I could deal with it but when I couldn't it was bewildering all over again. Like I've read on here, one step forward and sometimes one step backwards, but never give up on winning the fight with anxiety.

Agora1 in reply to Francesca61

Exactly Francesca61, I can't count all the steps I took backwards while I was going forward. :) Never stop trying. And remember you are never alone. We all support each other. x

You are just having a set back in your recovery that is all. You must not fall into the trap of worrying about it. Just shrug it off and keep doing what you have been doing to feel better. Get into a book called Dare if you haven't already, it talks about set backs.

You will be ok

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