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Don't know what to think about it?

Recently neighbor of mine passed away and the thoughts on what is next started to go through my head, It gets bad sometime that I get sick, breathing gets deep, gagging, belly pain, chest pain and I just don't want to move. These thoughts or feelings still come and go. I have notice, when I wake up until the evening hours, I have these thoughts go through my head. But then at night, the thoughts subside and I feel at peace. Then wake up and everything starts up again. Is it anxiety, depression, or grief?

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My anxiety usually subsides at night and I'm able to sleep. But if I wake up during the night the thoughts are always there and then I dread the start of the day because all day I'm fearing dying!! Mine all started with God dealing with me about death and hell for a solid month, i begin to have panic attacks and then I felt like he came to me in my mind and said, " Your not gonna live as long as you think"


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