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I don't know what to do


This started 2 days ago, when I go places I feel like I'm suffocating and like I'm about to pass out. Sometimes even at home while doing nothing.

But usually always when I'm waiting on something or in line. I feel kind of hopeless to go places and I don't want to experience this anymore. Has anyone experienced this and had a way to remedy this?

Thank y'all for your help in the past and your continued help.

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Hi! Just briefly looked through some of your older posts and I can definitely relate! My biggest fear for some reason is passing out, yet, I've never ever fainted in my life. I get very lightheaded when I'm going through a bad anxiety spurt.. I tried my best to ignore it but it is so disturbing. I recently have resorted to medication because my anxiety is not situational based. It is endogenous meaning it comes from within.. In other words...I'm not anxious because of something in particular that sometimes trigger anxiety in people (grief, divorce, a childhood neglect, etc.). Mine came out of nowhere and is the result of a chemical imbalance somewhere in my brain.. Just like a diabetic has trouble regulating insulin, I have trouble with adrenaline and serotonin. There is no 'self-help' strategies I haven't tried. So medication is my only hope. My dr. Told me I put up a strong fight but my anxiety isn't just going to go away, the same as diabetes won't just go away. So, I have been on Zoloft along with klonoptin (just until my Zoloft starts working) and my lightheadedness has vanished. Are you taking any medications? What you describe is classic anxiety, on the verge of panic. I cannot get out of the grocery line fast enough when I'm feeling that way. I'm going to follow you since our journeys are so similar.

I'm also a woman of God, and when all else fails, I pray and cry and pray again and it gives me temporary releif.

Hoping for better days ahead my friend,


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Amy. Your anxiety will go away if you stop fighting all the thoughts and feelings. It is the fighting that is keeping you in the cycle. It won't happen overnight but it will happen. Trust me. It's nature. Your mind and body will heal itself if you allow it, just like a broken arm or leg heals. The difference being that you accept the pain of a broken bone and carry on with your life. Having anxiety is like having a broken limb but you keep poking and prodding it demanding that it gets better. If you stop poking and prodding it, the healing process will be quicker but know that it won't happen over night. It takes time.

Thank you, Amy. Wow, that's amazing to hear that your lightheadedness has completely left you. I'm glad you're getting the help you need as well.

I'm currently not taking any meds for anxiety -though I have in the past. My doctor told me that controlled substances are my next option, so I decided to not go that route. I just today have started a bunch of supplements that are supposed to help, so we'll see! I'm looking forward to beating this and getting on with my life. My psychologist says this is situational, because this came out of nowhere 3 years ago and I've never had an issue with it before then.

Looking forward to following your success!

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I can so relate Amy...on Xanax and recently on Lexapro for three weeks...classic anxiety but debilitating at times. Feels so physical at times and you swear something catstrophic is going to happen to you.

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I deal with this all the time, i am on valium, i found that a routine schedule is good to have to keep things in line.

I also feel the same way that passing out feeling when I'm around a lot of people it's so annoying and it keeps me from doing things that I want to do. But I'm also on zoloft and it's helped I'm not in the perfect spot that I want to be but I can do more things now. And what's kept me going is God praying and just trusting him that he's with me. If you were on meds before I'm guessing it's just your anxiety trying to come back! Take care

Sucks big time doesn't it? I've been a having this myself as well as the derealization thing happening really badly atm. :/

You know how you are going to get over that? By continuously doing it. Keep going to the store even if it makes you feel that way. Stay in the areas in your home that feel this way . Talk to yourself! Tell yourself to stop and that nothing is wrong. There's no danger! I know easier said than done but guess what!!?? I have done it. When you go to the store wear headphones. Stand in that line and wait. Listen to music. Just don't let it control you!!! Don't!

Thanks Cat! I've been wearing the headphones in the store and listening to songs. I appreciate the help. Is this how you got rid of yours?

Without the headphones. I just went in everywhere terrified but I did it and I still do it. The mind is a powerful thing. Show it who's boss

Amazing, thank you again. I usually do the same, but it helps to know others do too

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