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Big fear of Multiple sclerosis


Hi, I'm Aida and I'm 16.

Last year my mother who had multiple sclerosis passed away and I read the information that there's a chance of me getting the illness too. I'm frightened by that and I dont know what to do. I watched my mother being sick threw my whole childhood and I saw her die. I can't sleep at night for 2 months and I can't stand the thought that I could go threw the same.

Can someone help me or share a similar story if they have.

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My mom has multiple sclerosis. Where did you read the information that you have a better chance of getting it? Because it's not true. Your kids would have a better chance of getting it then you. Also you are 16 years old. I highly doubt that at your age you will develop any type of illness. Multiple Sclerosis is usually developed in the last 20s early 30s. MS isn't hereditary so I wouldn't worry to much about it.

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A study published that 1 out of 40 people who have a close relative or a parent with ms get the illness but the usual person has only the chance to get it 1 out of 750 and there are cases of people having it

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I wouldn't say 1 out of 40 and I wouldn't go off of one study. With that being said its not hereditary and I wouldn't worry about it especially at the age of 16.

Have a genetic test done to see if you have the marker. They cost $$$ but knowing is the best plan. If you don't have the market horay and party. If you do then do preventative supplements and eat well. Find a MS support group and seek others in your situation. God Bless

Very sad to see your Mum go that way. But you are sixteen. Enjoy life as u have a hell of a long eay to go if there was a possibility u will get it . We can't all walk around fearing an illness that our mother or father has. Life would be pretty sad. Now you have a life time in front of you, so enjoy it.,

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