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Blood clot fear help me I beg!!

I'm so scared still of blood clots, anyway for weeks I've been suffering with my anxiety, recently got better and forgot about all my pains and stopped worrying, however I was sat down and was running my hands up and down the back of my thighs and I felt a lump, could be muscle but I don't know, so now I'm terrified I have a blood clot !! Especially as I googled ! And now I'm more scared I can feel the pains again.. please don't say anything that will make me more worried ...

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Am not going to say anything to make you feel worse. Please just stay off google.

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Our legs do have lumps and bumps , this can be a little muscle or even a vein in your leg you can feel

Is there anyone you can ask what their opinion is that can possibly see it and maybe they could reassure you , I don't think it will be a blood clot but of course none of us even if we were Doctors on here could diagnose so if you are really worried then ask your Doctor when you next go and see them but like I said when we have HA we often think we have come across something that we have not felt or seen before and it has to be in our minds major when it never usually is :-)

I found a lump once in my leg , my HA went for cancer straight away , O my goodness it was doom and gloom went to the Doctors and it was a vein , of course I was relieved but at the same time felt a bit daft to :-)

Take Care x

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