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Hi everyone... I have had ups and downs with my anxiety the last coup days have been bad. I spent time in the ER because I was having chest pain and palpitations. Of course I even there I had a episode and they didn’t see anything irregular. I got to my doc to follow up and she says it’s anxiety my mom does to. I just don’t think it is... like I was at work in started feeling weird in the middle of my chest... I’m just so afraid..... I keep crying.. I can’t calm down.. sorry I’m just talking I just can’t even deal

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hi I think the more you think about something being wrong the more anxiety you will go through hence the reason your still worrying.try be reassured that your ok even if thoughts arise distract yourself by doing something else.

Thank you! I’m trying I really am

no worries try take slower breaths when you feel it coming on that might help.

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Hi, do you know what? I found a you tube channel that helped me a lot , it may be helpful for you too. Check that out.

Thank you!

I know how you feel, I've been like it for months now. Went to ER, everything fine but it's still playing on my mind. Hardly slept at all last night because of it and had about 3 anxiety attacks. I'm just trying to keep my mind distracted by playing a game on my phone and watching YouTube videos to not think about it, the more you think about it the worse it seems.

Keep taking deep breaths and try and relax which is easier said than done. As I type this my chest and shoulders hurt! You'll get through this xx

Yes mine too! The middle of my chests hurts right now! It feels so weird and all I’m so nervous! Like I want to go to the hospital now

I have all kinds of sensations and when it changes it worries me even more. Burning, sharp, ache, twinge... but I tell myself its been 3 months since it started, I've been checked out and had tests done that turned out fine, and I just repeat what the doctors have told me e.g. likelihood of it being anything life threatening at my age/health/family history is very low.

I sometimes find it impossible to believe but you've just got to keep trying, it takes practice to re-train your thoughts

Yes! Mine feels just so strange! Idle pain but no pain like just idk just ache and weird in scared

It's hard to believe anxiety can really feel like this and it's something I'm still struggling to accept but it really can mimic all sorts of illnesses. Try in any way you can to calm your mind and slow your thoughts down whatever it may be, reading a book, listening to music, meditation, talking out loud to yourself or to your anxiety (sounds silly but I do it!)

NO it’s not silly at all! Thank you for that! It’s just even when I went to the store my chest hurt in the middle some it’s strange

Im the same at the minute, I had a skip beat or something but had pain with it I was so scared, Iv had 2 echos and had the all clear but I’m the same I feel there missing something because these pains and feeling are surely more than anxiety, it’s everyday I wake up with the feelings, surely anxiety doesn’t last all day everyday 😩 I hope you feel better soon

Thank you! You too yes I know my doc is she’s just shrugging it off ugh I had ekgs i want a echo my doc isn’t going for it

I’m the same. I ended up in the ED yesterday, they did bloods, ekg and chest X-ray, they said all was normal. I just don’t know anymore, I need to accept the chest pains as anxiety but I’m really struggling. I can accept every other one of my many anxiety sensations and feelings, just not the chest pain!

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I’m going through the same thing right now, I’m trying to wait in order to go to the ER. But my doctor isn’t calling me back and they are rolling there eyes but it really hurts right now! I’m just affraid

You are very lucky that you had your episode DURING your assessment in the ER. These are ER doctors who are trained to investigate medical issues thoroughly. It pains me to read that you are still worried after their assessment. Please don't worry and be assured it is only built up anxiety that is doing this and it takes a while for you nervous system to calm down only AFTER you stop thinking and worrying. I hate to tell you this but your symptoms will never go away as long as you keep thinking about them, assessing them, trying to find the answer to them, and generally just reacting fearfully to your thoughts about your symptoms. Do you believe in the placebo effect? It's when simply your belief in being cured actually cures you. If you don't believe it, every pharmaceutical company believes it and must control for it in their studies by using a sugar pill for half the people they're testing otherwise their findings are invalid. Now, if a person's beliefs can cure them of physical symptoms, then the corollary of that is that a person's beliefs can make them ill. So, if you choose to believe that you are ok (and you have darn good evidence that you are) your anxiety will subside and your physical symptoms will disappear. However, if you choose to believe that you are not then your anxiety will rage on and your physical symptoms will get worse. The choice is yours. I went through this all and did tons of reading on the subject and am finally better! Check out the website Anxiety BC for a start. Other great books are Stress Proof by Mithu Storoni, and the audiobook Freedom from Nervous Suffering by Dr. Claire Weekes (world renowned expert on anxiety). Try do it yourself CBT with the book Overcoming Anxiety as well. I hope you get through this sooner rather than later but you must believe you will be ok! ☺️

I’m scared to let my guard down like I’m giving up on my health. I had bad pains today I literally almost ran crying to the ED. I calle day doctor and she swears in ok I’m trying to think the same but it’s hard to do that. Like I want an echo and everything. I read something on my report that had me worried

Do you understand what you read in the report, or is there something in the report that you don't understand and are therefore afraid of? I know that telling yourself you're ok feels like a lie/betrayal and that the fear feels like the truth and it is driving you in every direction to find an answer. If you must get a second medical opinion then go get it, and make a list of all the questions you want to ask so no stone is left unturned. If you must record the conversation on your phone then record it, in case you later feel like you're not sure you understood something correctly. I don't know how many professional opinions you've already had but if you've already had 2-3, then a 4th and 5th will not really allay your fears because at that point you've lost trust in anything they have to say and all you're doing is searching for bad news, not a balanced assessment. I know. I've been there🙄

I only had one. Like tonight I’m looking up heart attack stuff .. it’s because my chest has been hurting the whooooooooooolllllle day! Like now I’m so scared I really want to go to the hospital tonight

Do what you need to do and get a second opinion. Keep in mind unless you have risk factors for heart attack (age, smoking status, high cholesterol levels, high body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes) it is unlikely that it is. Heart attacks don't happen unless you have risk factors.

Also, if your chest pain has been going on all day and you are still alive and well, it is unlikely a heart attack ☺️

Well I messed up with google reading Someone story that went on for 6 months!

Is think I’m a bit overweight.thank you for telling me that!

I am so sorry you are facing this. Please consider seeking out a therapist it can be such a help to you. I'd love to provide a resource for you on that just ask!

Thank you for caring! Yeah today I’m having the same so my doc said she’s doing a Holter monitor test I’m so nervous! And idk I’m down too

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