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Can someone please help me?

Ok, im 16 years old male . I was living a good life , but suddenly one day a heart palpitation attacked me. I rushed to the hospital did ekgs and they were fine. Ok the other day I also started having chest pressure, and chest pain (pin point pain) went to GP done other ekgs , echo and blood tests . All normal . Doctors say me its just anxiety. But I dont think so . One day I also noticed that I was getting episodes of heart stopping and then starting again (which seem to be ectopics) . I get sooo much scared while having them , when they happen Im convinced that my heart will go into a fatal rhythm . Another worse thing that I have done is I looked It up on internet and they say that ectopics can turn into ventricular tachycardia (deadly rhythm). These thoughts have flared upyup anxiety so much that I cant do anything that I used to do . I cant even concentrate on my studies thus having a hard time.

Actually the thing that worries me that all my age fellows around me seem to live a happy and carefree life ,and there I am who cant even run a few steps or laugh hardly due to my fears related to heart.

Apologies if this is taking so long I am gonna finish it , people around me dont take me seriously and think im just a hypochondriac , however I think that I have an underlying disease that has not been diagnosed .

This has been happening for nearly 1 year .

I have been getting breathless especially when I sit . I have looked up so many heart conditions on internet . Lastly , im always thinking that I wont make it long like others.

Any suggestions? I came here for some help as I cant get any from where I live . Thank you so much to those who made it to the end . Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Illboy, where did you get your medical training from at the young age of 16? You seem to be well knowledgeable of things that can happen but the internet provides a generalization of health issues. The chances of something catastrophic happening to a 16 y.o. (actually 15 when it started) are pretty rare. The fact that you have gone through this for 1 year is proof that it is nothing serious. Try accepting the advice of the doctors who have had years of medical education. Don't confuse that with what may be on the internet.

The more you focus on your heart, the more anxiety plays into it. Your breathless because when we get scared, we tend to shallow breathe. Heart palpitations are common at any age due to stress in our lives. Anxiety over it produces an over abundance of adrenaline which is like pouring lighter fluid on a fire. It erupts into a larger flame. Same thing. Instead of symptoms and heart issues, try looking on the internet for ways to calm your anxiety issues. You Tube has a look of good videos to help calm and relax you. I would bet if you typed in Hypochondria on YouTube there would be a video explaining how to overcome it.

You are not alone with these fears. Don't lose the fun years of your life worrying about something that may never happen. My best to you


Thank you ! So kind of you!

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It's very common to have irregular heart beats... if it feels like it pauses, it's probably a premature ventricular beat and it will NOT hurt you. I've had them all of my life, and they did scare me at times, but I am a senior now so they certainly didn't hurt me. The more you worry about them, the more you will get. Your adrenaline kicks into overdrive and can worsen them!! Again, they are benign and won't harm you., especially if you've already had your heart checked out.... I was an EMERGENCY department RN and I do know that a pin point pain in your chest is NOT a heart attack. Try to change the thoughts in your head to be more positive. Accept the fact that they are present and won't hurt you..

Talk to a therapist if you can to get information on how to change a negative thought process into a positive don't have an underlying disease, you have acute anxiety and it will wreck havoc on your life everyday if you let it... BE strong and get help:).

Good luck to you:)


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