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Anxiety, and withdrawl

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've seen a lot of helpful posts and I'm been a bit weary of posing my own cause of anxiety. Anyway, a few months ago, I quit smoking marijuana, I was quite a heavy user and went cold turkey after a night out and a joint landed me in A&E with SVT. It basically scared me into not smoking anymore, a blessing in disguise. Since then I've had some awful withdrawal: first week was awful headaches that prevented me from being at work, night sweats and the anxiety that I had every health problem going. Anything minor was met with the worst case scenario: Headache = brain tumour, Breast pain = cancer, slight chest pain = heart attack. But all of these faded out after a few weeks, it was simply my body and hormones reacting and getting themselves back to how they used to be. I'd called 111 a few times because of it, I'd gone to A&E a few times as well. It was all put down to withdrawal symptoms. Three months on I've started getting quite bad anxiety, it was all fine a few weeks ago, but last week I woke up from my sleep with quite a high heart rate, maybe 120, and a dry mouth. When this happens I get worried, and find myself checking my pulse every five minutes, once it's slowed down a bit I can then try and sleep again. Now I find myself with the same worry every night, that I'm going to wake up with a fast heart rate, and I do, it's happened every day for the last week. I don't know if it's the panic and anxiety that's causing the repeats? I've had ECGs, blood sugar test, blood pressure tests and blood tests. And it's been fine every time.

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I wake with the same thing every single night. I've never tried marijuana, so I attribute mine to my panic and anxiety. I'm hoping someone has answers for us.

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Just a quick update. Last night about an hour before I went to sleep I took one of my Diazepam that I was prescribed for anxiety and I only woke up once and my heart rate was at 92. Much better than 120. 🙂


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