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Exercise and Anxiety?


One of the biggest problems I'm having over coming this sh*t is exercise (or any kind of physical activity). Every doctor I've seen, every forum I've visited and every family member/ friend that I've spoken to have ALL said that exercise is the miracle cure. So why is it that it's the complete opposite for me?!

Before all this started (Christmas 2015), I was a very active person. I've always been a little overweight and never in perfect shape, but I'd walk at least 5-6 miles a day, not including shopping and going out at night and playing gigs (which in a heavy metal band is one hell of a work out ;L). I loved being out and about and would usually turn down transport to willing walk to my destinations (within reason).

NOW however, the 300 yard walk to the shop and back nearly kills me. Having a shower renders me breathless, lightheaded and feeling detached from my body (if that makes sense). Simply vacuuming the house is like an Olympic even and will render me feeling awful for a considerable amount of time. It just seems like physical activity seems to be my biggest catalyst for my symptoms, and convincing myself that it could possibly be down to a mental illness is getting more and more impossible by the second!

I'd say the one thing that keeps me from just rushing myself to A&E or visiting the doctor for the 564738295th time is the fact that I also get these symptoms and more while completely at rest. I'm seriously struggling at the moment though, and despite enjoying my life a LOT more than I was a few months ago, I still feel that it could be extra bit (well, quite a lot) more awesome if I wasn't scared to do anything remotely physical, without consuming a considerable amount of alcohol, which certainly seems to diminish it!

If anyone hes been or is going through this then it be very reassuring to know and some tips to make it go away would be much appreciated! Cheers all 😎

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Excersize helps a little, if I didn't excersize and eat right I imagine my symptoms would be much worse! As if it isn't bad enough to deal with ugh. It still wasn't enough for me though, I had to get on meds for extra help.

I think I just need to push myself a bit more. I haven't done anything even marginally intensive since February but I was rather intoxicated at the time (although felt fine the next day)! I'm just worried (obviously ;L) that because a walk to the shop makes me feel so bad that anything more will kill me. Guess there's only one way to find out!


Have you tried supplements to your diet. Magnesium, B-Complex ?.

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I have not. Although recently there seems to be a lot of people raving on here about how good Magnesium is so I suppose I'd better give it a go! Do you know which specific "type" to get? There seems to be about a thousand different varieties in my local chemist :L

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What you don't want is oxide and that will be on the ingredients label, so take a look at that before you buy. Rather Magnesium glycinate or taurate. Look them up on Google and the benefits and then decide which is best for you.

Go for a trusted brand by reading reviews and ingredients. Avoid oxide like I say.

If you are unsure then let me know which you decide in and I can guide you slightly.

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I'm glad you said that as oxide is the one I was going to go for ;L

I'll have a look in the chemist tomorrow and let you know!

I am the same exact way and have been ( now getting worse) since January. I know I have the Lyme fatigue added as well but I feel like a lot of it has to do with my anxiety ( get so shakey and jittery after all physical activity). I have the same issue with vacuuming, it about kills me and walking 10 minutes leads to me having to sit and try to calm my nerves for hours, it really is a big pain in the ass and lead me to not being able to work right now. Just to think I was spinning 6x/wk in December, now it exhausts me even to think about sitting on a bike. I am starting some low dose magnesium today to see if it will help. I am already taking b12, hasn't done much. Are you eating ok? I know I am not, I lost about 30 pounds since January so that could also be contributing,

Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time! That sounds like one hell of a combo... I have worried about Lyme in the past as I've spent a lot of my life walking in woodland and moorland and ticks are all over the place in Cornwall. Hardly any of my symptoms seem to add up though so I kind of brushed it aside! The thing with me is that I find it very hard to distinguish between mental and physical symptoms. So when I'm sat there feeling all lightheaded and breathless after housework etc. I can never quite tell if I'm feeling anxious or not! I'm trying to work on "seeing" past the symptoms to get a better idea of how I'm feeling mentally at the time but it's proving exponentially easier said than done! Haven't tried any supplements as of yet but I'm definitely going to give it a go. And I definitely don't have any issues in the appetite department ;L Like I said in another reply I think I'm just going to push myself and see what happens. Go for a jog or something and if I pass out then at least I have a decent excuse to go to a hospital 😉Hope you start feeling better soon 😊

None of my symptoms were adding up either and all could be explained away by anxiety but this inability to tolerate much upright activity has been the worst. I would get a blood test for Lyme if I were you, you just never know and better to know than not. I am trying to push myself as much as I can and I think the same as you regarding if I pass out then into the hospital. Do you have any other symptoms than breathless and exhausted? I get foggy vision, headaches, nausea and shakiness with activity, have not gotten breathless unless I am having a full on panic attack. I do get anxiety now regarding doing activities for this reason, I absolutely hate it.

I'm going to my doctor for back and neck issues next week so I may speak to him about a test then! I've had the same thing with being upright for over a year solid now, it's my most persistent symptom and ONLY ever fully goes away if I drink (which obviously isn't helping anything)! For me though it feels more like insane muscle tension and kind of off-balance than lightheaded or dizzy? Usually comes on after only a minute or so of standing/ walking, although duration and intensity seems to differ from day to day almost randomly. I get a lot of pressure round my eyes and can't quite think straight as well, which I've always known as common stress symptoms. I just can't think how being stood up could possible be triggering anxiety, unless I'm like subconsciously afraid of it! I also get all of these symptoms while at rest which makes it even more confusing! Think I need to work on ruling some more stuff out as so far I've literally just had one resting ECG, postural blood pressure tests and a few different blood tests, which leaves a hell of a lot of possible causes to be investigated.

I get the head pressure as well with standing activities. I do think we do have anxiety reactions with standing, we kind of expect to feel rotten so it comes true. I know the solution is to let it happen and not fight the reaction but it is so hard to do. Even though in our heads we say to keep standing until we pass out, our bodies wont stand for that and we end up sitting. I am trying deep breathing through it and it helps a little but I know if you are short of breath that's hard to do. We can beat this though!

Try a B-complex vitamin, and Magnesium Citrate. It is absorbed better into your system. If you feel really bad, take a rest. Calm your mind and meditate about something that makes you happy. We have to retrain our minds to be calm. Exercise has never really helped me with this. All of the doctors say it will but not for me. I walk everyday but sometimes I rest. Oh, and stay away from caffeine, sugar, white flour, and any stimulants. This will only make things worse. Take care and be well soon.

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