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My head pressue

I've been surfing with real bad pressue on top of my head 24/7 for the last 5 weeks my children called an ambulance out to me the other nite because they thought I was having a stroke but it wasn't I'm a very very stressed hard working woman I've just lost my mother in law and I've got my brother come to live with me he as loads of health issues and every thing as got me down I'm going to have my eyes tested and got to go to my dentist as I have a gum disease I just keep thinking I've got a brain tumour the pressue is there all the time please help

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Anxiety can manifest in a lot of strange, seemingly unrelated, physical symptoms. I'm no doctor, but I've suffered with anxiety and depression issues for a long time, and you'd be surprised at how often physical symptoms are because of stress, anxiety, and depression. Now, I'm not saying that's definitely what's going on for you, I have no way of knowing that. But have you seen a doctor, have you had any testing done? What did the hospital say when the ambulance was called for you?


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