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Im fine for now??

So i have been worrying about the things in the previous post for a while. As i write this, its 2:14 AM. I feel relieved of the leg shaking and the throat spasm but i feel like something isnt right. I dont know why. I was in worry one minute and i was trying to fall asleep. I felt as though as was going to fall asleep but i onlu nodded off and sorta jolted awake. The shakiness in my legs and the throat spasm feeling went away quick. It was unexpected. It was just like....poof. Well, the throat thing i still feel, however its barely there. Now im confused as to why it went away that suddenly. And i cant fall asleep because i feel wide awake now. That and i feel like i will die if i fall asleep. Another thing happened as well but this is difficult to explain. When you close your eyes and its night, you can still see in a way. I can only describe this as colors. When i close my eyes, i can see a slow pulse of green and purple. It always been like that for me. Even with my eyes open during the night. If i stare at anything or anywhere, it will get darker first, then slow pulses of green and purple. However, now when i close my eyes, the pulses arent there. They will appear but the pulses of color stop eventually. I dont know why but this is the situation im having now. Help.

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To sum it up, i researched it. Im having difficulty in seeing phosphenes ( the green and purple pulses of color i see when i have my eyes closed or open in a dark room). Should i be worried?


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