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Does anyone feel like they're letting their self go? I can get dressed nice and fix my hair.. My hygiene is Great but when I look in the mirror my eyes look tired and red, lips look dry to me and my face just looks sad. I used to care for my skin, moisturize and always try different natural products like black tea bags for under eye circles. Now I don't care. It's bothersome

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Sometimes this happens to us, but we don't always see ourselves the way others do...I was told that today by another woman, who was actually surprised when I mentioned I didn't always look this way.(My age, compared to when I was younger.) She stopped me and said I looked attractive, and why do we (women) always see ourselves differently than others see us. I never really thought about that. Maybe you are seeing yourself this way today because you are tired at this moment, and are feeling down. Tomorrow does come and a chance to feel better inside and the person in the mirror looking back will be more of the woman that others see you. Don't let the health issues trick you into thinking otherwise. I don't believe in coincidences; today that woman told me I wasn't seeing myself the way others did so I could share this thought with you. Tomorrow is another day and with that day hopefully, you'll feel a little better and you won't let that mirror lie like it did today. xoxo

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Thank You. I appreciate you sharing that with me! I need to be more grateful. 😊

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No Tanae,

Just be yourself. You have nothing to justify. I hope the mirror was different today...if not today, maybe tomorrow.

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