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Anxiety and depression

I suggest a lot with this problem and also panic attacks my worst fear is death constantly think about this I suffer with lots of panic attacksalso costochondritis and fibromilga in a lot of pain all the time find myself at a and e a lot hospital have reffered me to rapid response pain clinic never been before so not sure what they do I struggle on a daily basis with this and my asthma had anyone else experience the same things or similar thank you

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I've been experiencing this since I was a teenager.It was scary then but it is now frustrating and exhausting since all I want is to sleep after a long hours of work.


This sounds a lot like me , I obsess over death and dying since I started getting bad anxiety and panic attacks . I started Zoloft this past week and it seems like it's making me depressed more .


I've noticed a lot of what the gp puts ppl on has this affect so never feel like u are getting better I've never heard of this tablet tour on I've been on a few but on citalapram at the moment and to be honest they ain't that good the thought we have is scary for us to have and sometimes when I talk it's like u are get to looked at as though u are daft at times do you ever feel like that x


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