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Anyone else feel this way??

Sometimes I feel like this page helps a great deal and other times, it almost makes me more anxious. Reading what other people are going through can at times be cathartic and help me to not feel so alone; but then other times it can also spark some anxiousness that wasn't there before. There are times when I have to close the tab this site is on so that I don't make myself feel worse. Is it just me that that happens to?

I am really trying to tackle my issues without using a daily med. My doc put me on buspar but I recently came off of it because it was actually making me feel worse. I feel more anxious on it than I do off of it.

I started therapy and am hoping that it helps. My therapist wants to start CBT to help me get past the anxiety that I feel.

What are some things that you all are doing (other than taking meds) that helps with your day to day anxiety?

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Michele_B, do a search on Amazon for a book by Claire Weekes called 'Self help with your nerves' in the U.K. and 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. Then click on the reader reviews of which there are several hundred and read a few: 90% of the reviews rate it as Very Good or Excellent. Weekes developed a method for recovering from anxiety disorder based on accepting the symptoms (for the time being) rather than constantly fighting them. It brings understanding, reassurance and the promise of recovery no matter how long or how badly you have suffered. It was written several decades ago, if you decide to read it don't be put off by the fact that it refers to the way people lived years ago, the book has withstood the test of time.


Thank you for the advice. I do love to read so hopefully this book will help. I've read the DARE book and it was helpful as well. Just need to keep doing research and trying to beat this horrible anxiety!

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You are so right about reading posts when u are struggling Don't Do It!! You are only putting another layer of negitive in your already stressed mind one thing I started is.....Do not procrastinate👍🏻👍🏼 Face the demons before they have power over you


I was literally just thinking this as I'm reading everything that was posted today. Like I've been feeling a little down today and sometimes it helps to sign on and read posts and know that I'm not alone, then I catch myself quickly logging off because I feel some sort of trigger that sparks my symptoms to start up, the intrusive thoughts, feeling of impending doom, etc... or feeling like something I've read is gonna happen to me or someone I love, does that happen to you too?


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