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Anxiety and all kinds of symptoms and thoughts ?

Hi everyone I'm justin and I'm new here . I have pretty much extreme anxiety. Back in November I had a very extreme panic attack that scared the living heck out of me and I really thought that was it , that was the end . They did a whole bunch of tests after I went in the ambulance and everything came back normal. Since then I've been all over the place. I feel depersonalized like I don't even know who I am at times. I'm depressed because I wonder if I'll ever feel the same again , and my head just keeps thinking and thinking. I'm the hallmark anxiety person for worrying . I'm always about the what ifs in life ... what if I stop breathing , what if something happens to me , what if I ever tried hurting myself , not that I would ! But just that thought scared the hell out of me . I'm afraid I'm gonna die , then I get scared I'm gonna stop breathing . This all started after a struggle with my sexuality . I had myself convinced I'd end up with no one . And I was petrified of telling anyone so I kept it a secret and let it eat at me for years, and now I came out and it went great ! But I'm still like this ? So apparently I have GAD . Started on some meds now and therapy I just hope it gets better I hate being sad and thinking the way I do . Can't wait for the meds to kick in finally . The physical symptoms are the worst. Headaches , bloating, blurry eyes, tight muscles tight throat, difficult swallowing , muscle aches , exhausted , tires all the time , I feel like I'm just not myself ,loneliness , random mood swings , crying st night sometimes, terrified of death and dying , I know depression makes you think that way and all I just hope it goes away .

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Hang in there. What medication are you on? I had depersonalization/derealization for 5 months now and I'm only taking medication to help me sleep. Because when this started I didn't sleep for 9 weeks. Had crazy thoughts and hyper awareness to existence and surroundings. Pure hell. it sounds like you got depersonalization from anxiety so give the medication 6 to 8 weeks. Good luck and let me know if the medication works

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Just started Zoloft. Was on Cymbalta and that had too many effects I was in the er twice


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