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I'm 21 and my depression/anxiety caused by my old job has left me losing two jobs. How can I bounce back from this and find my career path?

Hi, I suffer from bad anxiety/depression after being isolated in my first job out of college (receptionist) then moving into marketing and being bullied by my boss. Here I was given warnings about my attention to detail/accuracy - obviously this was lacking as I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I left the firm before they sacked me and before my mental health got worse.This has impacted my self esteem and caused me to make many small mistakes in my second marketing admin role, where I have just been let go after they extended my probation by two months (for the same reasons).

My self confidence has hit rock bottom. I know that administration work is not for me, my gut says go with my passions (art, fitness, health).I need something engaging and creative but my confidence is so low that I don't know where to begin my search or how I will hack interviews knowing I've been sacked for menial mistake due to my mental state. Does anyone have any tips for bouncing back from workplace bullying/anxiety over making mistakes/ general feelings of uselessness? I am considering contract work so I can have a taste for different roles, just in case my anxiety interferes in another permanent role and the cycle just continues...

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Hi lottiehendry, I think contract work is an excellent idea. I did it myself for a couple years before being offered a job by one of the companies. They paid to have me released from my contract. I ended up staying 11 years with that company. Having found a job I enjoyed coming to work for as well as a boss who helped me grow to my potential, brought me to where I am today.

Being in the wrong job with negative aspect around you brings down your self confidence. Once you are in a place you are comfortable with, your confidence, self esteem and your ability to do your best with blossom because you are doing something you like.

The past is the past, go forward with a new attitude, a new beginning. Remember that in contract work no one knows your personality or any flaws. With each job you can go in confidently knowing it's just short term. You do your job and you leave. I wish you much luck and success. I really think it's the way to go right now. You can work around your anxiety in not making permanent commitments for now.

Keep us updated on your decision. Whatever it is, Good Luck!


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