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what are your worst/scariest physical symptoms?

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been dealing with pretty bad anxiety and especially health anxiety for over a year and in that time iv had some scary symptoms,mainly to do with my eyes,my chest and brain fog and iv never spoken to anybody about mental illnesses so i have no idea where my symptoms stand in terms of common or rare, i just know they make me want to die on days where they are really bad

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Whats going om with your eyes?

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Liam35 in reply to Mike7777

I have visual snow and floaters and on days where i feel worse than usual i can see a pulse in my eye and am really sensitive to light,as well as a lot of eye pain and headaches,it makes leaving the house really stressful

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Mike7777 in reply to Liam35

I have the same thing.

Does your eyes hurt ?

All the time

I have been getting loads of headaches eye pain and sensitive to light sometimes also get a slight burning sensation on my head its freaking me out my health anxiety is telling me its not good.just wish we could all over come this i dont know whats causing mine im so scared of the doctors as im terrified of them telling me im seriously ill .

The burning always makes me think im about to have a stroke and triggers a panic attack

What do you think the burning is have you been to the docs about your symptoms its realy horrible yesterday i had an awful headache on the right side the day before was the other side my anxiety keeps telling me its a brain tumor or something just as bad.

Ii get really bad eye burning omg it’s awful ii put eye drops in lubricant eye drops for tired eyes. Ii helps loads xx

Ive had a couple tests done and they found nothing, i have mainly the sane symptoms as you. Had an mri

Its so scary not knowing and all the what ifs i just wish it would stop some days im fine then others boom its back again

You on medications?

I take mirtazipine 30mg i started that about December last yr i was also taking antibiotics long term for my achne but i stoped that when i started getting the headaches as it says can cause sensitivity to light but its been 2 months and im still getting the headaches

Could be the meds, is that an anti depressant? I know antidepressants made me have worse symptoms

Yes its for my anxiety but wouldnt i get symptoms straight away from taking it rather than about 8 months after i started it i dont know but its very scary im constantly worried 😫

Not at all, i was on zoloft for a couple years and a year after i stopped i started having weird symptoms. Thats just me though. No health issues. Just anxiety. And every antidepressant i tried didnt really work. Im seeing a psyc soon to get on something else

Yh i tryed a couple of different ones that didn't agree with me but im still on mirtazapine could they give me side effects 8 months after me starting them wouldnt i of got the side effects soon after starting them

Im not a doctor so im not sure exactly, i can just go by my experience. Drugs are drugs. They can always have side effects at any time. But id get checked out by a doctor like i have been doing. I even saw a neurologist

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Moose24 in reply to Mike7777

I’ve been on antidepressants for anxiety sine 1991. I have yet to find one that works for panic attacks and health anxiety. I told my last GP that only tranquillisers eg diazepam work and he said he knew that but wasn’t allowed to prescribe them long term because of addiction issues. But what is the point of prescribing antidepressants if they don’t work?

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Hi Amanda

Plz could I ask how mitzapine works

Gp gave it to me for anxiety x

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It works quite well but it does increase ur appetite ive put on a bit of weight ive tryed a few different meds which made me feel awful mirtazapine does make you sleepy so you should take about half hour before bed

Remember that headaches and migraines are extremely common, brain tumors are not. I had daily persistent headaches for weeks. I was misdiagnosed with a sinus headache twice, but ct scan showed sinuses were clear. Anyway, also had an MRI. I was so convinced it was a brain tumor- how could this not be something horrible? But it’s not, I just get headaches (I also am hypothyroid and think there is a connection). But anyway, I just wanted you to know I’ve been there and you’re ok.

Aww thank you so much for sharing that it helps knowing others have gone through it x


My scariest/ worst are the palps/skipped beats, depersonalization, light headed/ feeling off balance.

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Liam35 in reply to

I experience depersonalisation a lot its definitely one of the scarier symptoms

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Omg same

Everyday I get lightheaded dizzy feeling and off balance x

Derealization....getting slightly paranoid, over-analyzing everything as if panic brought upon newer things to fret over (& these are the same symptoms I’ve had with panic/anxiety) feeling flushed all over and tingly, fearing the environment around one’s self (if I happen to not be at my house).

Ah ! And my legs feeling like jello

chest pain, dizziness, tingliness, extreme fatigue, feeling of impending doom

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Liam35 in reply to borahae

Impending doom is the worst and maybe the biggest reason i dont sleep which then gives me extreme fatigue

Mine gives Me symptoms of other illnesses, example a couple of months ago I had bad breast pain, I had a mammogram and was told everything was fine, a day later the pain went, then it will move on to something else, I'm forever at the drs for a suspected illness then as soon as they say it's nothing the symptom goes, but I can't not get it checked because one time it may not be anxiety

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Liam35 in reply to Benji62

For me being asked if i have a symptom i dont have will make me create that symptom,after going to the opticians and being told my eyes were in perfect health i was asked if i had any eye floaters,i didnt,the next day i saw nothing but eye floaters and its been like that for a year now,my body will constantly give me symptoms to reinforce my beliefs of any illnesses i have

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thyroidmom84 in reply to Benji62

I can totally relate to this

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Moose24 in reply to Benji62

I’m exactly the same. At the doctors at least every fortnight! Just exist in fear 😢

It's a nightmare, I would love to get up on a morning or go a few days and feel normal, I would never have believed that anxiety was like this, I always thought if you had anxiety you got over nervous about things and paniced, I dont get nervous like that my thing is health, my body tells me the slightest twinge or pain is something serious then I start getting all the symptoms for it

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Liam35 in reply to Benji62

I understand completely,its always defeating going to sleep hoping maybe tomorrow something will change and you wake up disappointed


I get most of the symptoms that you do , do you focus on your heart ever and the eye problem I get floaters if I haven’t slept properly but if I have I get none just wondering if you get them all the time , and honestly health anxiety is a dominant thing in people’s life it sucks but to hopefully we can all get thorugh it 😔

Lightheadedness, feeling faint, brain fuzziness or vibration feeling in my head, and the impending doom feeling that is always lingering. :(

I get these feelings all the time. Your not alone are you taking any medication?

I only take Ativan as needed. But when I get the lightheaded feeling, I worry about taking the Ativan because I am afraid it’ll make it worse :(

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Same , lightheaded, dizzy, faint spells, a weird head feeling, head vibrations..I take xanax no ssris......but this is everyday for the past year..my doctor referred me to do heart holter test to check for arrythmia wich causes chronic dizziness and light headedness. But we both looked at eachother like "anxiety".....because I've already did echocardiogram and stress test he figured let's try the holter..

feeling out of it like im gonna pass out

Air hunger, lightheaded, faint spells, weird head feeling, derealization, chest pinches, tension headaches , heavy head ......one year and counting...did all types wich came back normal.

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