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Health Anxiety

Iv suffered from health anxiety for 20 years on and off since my mum died of a aneurysm suddenly at the age of 60 whilst looking after my young son, I walked in just has it happened we tried to bring her round but she had gone. Then I lost my husband to throats cancer 9 years ago he was only 54. I suffered from acid reflux bad. And it's like having a heart attack which triggered my anxiety ten folds. I'm now on sertraline 25mg which I know is low but I'm sensitive to medication and it's taken 3 months for my body to get used to that dose.

The reason why I'm writing on here is I'm getting headaches, tingling finger, tummy pains again, feeling nauseous with suffering with health anxiety I'm thinking all kinds of things again, like stomache cancer, also I'm not enjoying my job at mo, my partners going away with work for a week. And Iv got a lot of things on my mind next week especially. Iv had blood tests liver one came back a bit high and did another one said the same doctor said it's prob my normal reading for me, protein one came back high second it was ok she said.

I don't know what to do to help myself, I really don't want to up my sertraline any advice please.

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Hello :-)

So sorry you seem to have left the Community before someone got round to replying , I hope you may decide to come back and maybe we can chat then if you do :-)

Take Care x


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