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Hi All, I have anxiety on rare occasions. Have done for a long time. Most of the time they are once per year maybe twice. They often start with just a snap feeling of anxiety or dread. And that's when my mind kicks into gear. I over think everything in my life and try to attribute reasons for me feeling this way due to something in my life. And it gets to a point where I have to find something I have done wrong and cleanse some guilt or I have to make a drastic change to feel better. Which ultimately doesn't solve the problem, it just feeds it until that feeling pops up again. I'm recently married, have a good job, nice house and am reasonably fit healthy and happy. And it's like I want to turn my life upside down in order to solve a stupid feeling that pops up out of nowhere. I know this is irrational but when in a low of anxiety it seems to be the only way to fix the anxiety. Anyone have similar experiences or any advice? I have seen a psychologist and he has said it's perfectly normal and to not attribute the feeling to anything, I need to seperate the feeling to everything in my life. He used the example it's anxiety again and wait until the feeling passes without trying to get myself in a state.

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