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please help with this feeling


well im 17 and i always feel like somethings wrong with me , i haven't been out of the house because every time i decide to i have an anxiety attack . i wake up every morning with anxiety and the feeling that i need to go to the hospital because somethings terribly wrong with me . will this feeling ever pass ?

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I'm 18 now and I have felt like this since I was 15, I'm on an antidepressant now, I honestly don't know if it will ever pass without medication.. Mine won't but every person is different.

Staying in the house doesn't help anxiety. Try and start small and maybe go for walks, or runs. Stay active. The more you think about being anxious the more you will be. Take deep breaths and try and stay away from negative thoughts. Focus your thoughts on something else.

It will get better try distracting your self

Take breather it will be okay

It will pass hypochondriac. I went through the same thing. A fear of the outdoors. One day I was fine and the next I would get anxious just thinking of the thought of going outside. At first I thought it was nice to stay in. So I watched movies laid around all day, talk shows. It got to the point where when I woke up in the morning I thought of what time was it and who was on, Jerry or Steve :)

It didn't take long before the 4 walls started closing in on me. I would look out the window before even getting the mail. If someone rang the doorbell, I'd sit quiet and still on the couch. Didn't answer the phone. My world started getting smaller and smaller. Never had visitors, family and friends finally left. I found myself alone and lonely. Sometimes I wondered if my voice still worked since I talked with no one day after day.

The reason I am telling you this, is please get some help asap. It doesn't get better by itself. You may need some talk therapy to see what is causing you to feel this as well as to move forward and getting better. At 17, you are missing out on the best times of your life. There are methods such as CBT that can help you take that first step.

Feeling morning anxiety is common with having an anxiety disorder. The cortisol levels are higher in the morning causing the adrenaline to peak. As the day goes on, the levels drop until nighttime they are at their lowest.

I'm glad you are on this forum and hope that the support and advice you get will help get you started in the right direction. My best to you. x

hypochondrlac in reply to Agora1

thank you that really helped and i have a therapy appointment soon and i hope to get back on track with my life (:

Agora1 in reply to hypochondrlac

hypochondriac, you will dear. Good Luck with your therapy. x

Just want to,say, it will be ok, go to therapy and trust in the process. Part of this process that helped me was being safe at home and actively letting the anxiety come over me and letting it pass. With me, facing anxiety and willing it to come helped enormously because I became less frightened. With hope and good wishes to you..

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