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Every day when I wake up I'm constantly focused on my chest (can I breathe ok) i have dizziness out of the blue, adrenaline like feeling through my chest, I have been to doctors numerous times, i feel like I need to ring them now! I'm constantly scared that somethings wrong, can anxiety make you have these symptoms and make you feel like this?! I get alsorts of other symptoms like aches and pains, constant worry, feeling upset and scared, hate being alone, shocks and weakness, blurry vision, hot and cold, dry mouth, im just exhausted and on edge all the time! I want to go places and do things but I feel like I can't, I feel stuck! Other people that I no with anxiety/panic still seem like to be living normal lives and I don't no how, is this all anxiety?



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  • Yes it is anxiety and it's the most horrible feeling ever but be rest assured it's just anxiety always try and say this to yourself I know it's hard !!!!

  • Thanks for the reply, I do try to but sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed that I can't think straight, I try to push myself to take the kids to school and go to the local shops even them in things are a task !!

  • I hear what you are saying. It does look like everyone else is going about their normal lives, but who really knows? I'm always anxious, have blurry vision, feel scared feelings in my upper stomach, terribly dry mouth etc etc. It is so exhausting to live with anxiety, it is a full time job in itself. I too, feel stuck. It's all consuming constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. They say "one day at a time".

  • Yes I no what you mean, I struggle sometimes just going to the shop, where as some others are able to go to town, partying etc and I just think where do they find the strength? Sometimes the school run is enough for me and really it's only because I have to do it.i agree it's a full time job, it's such hard work, I want to do alsorts of things but I feel like I can't! Are you having any therapy or on meds etc? X

  • It's awful I no I've coped seven years with out any help at first I was scared to go the shops etc but I did. And now I won't even go out its the worst thing ever especially when you have kids. I have 5 boys and I hate not been able to take them anywhere I'm always relying on others to help me I'm always weak tired of balance. Weird vision and palpitations x

  • I'm sorry your feeling like this. I always feel guilty about not been able to just get up and go wherever my kids want to go. If I do its with someone else also but it's not always possible, I try and tell myself to just do it, 3 times I went to the bus stop just with my baby, and as soon as the bus was coming down the road, I changed my mind and went back home! Didn't make any difference to him he's only 8 months, but I was frustrated with myself because I really wanted to go. It's my other kids Christmas play at school next week and I honestly don't no how I'm going to sit through it. Are you getting help at the minute were? From doctors or therapists?

    Hope your ok x

  • I have the same problems as you, I've had tests after tests with no answers, my main problem is lightheadedness then everything else you mentioned, I can only say that you have to force yourself to do things, I know its hard I struggle every day but keep trying, if you can try not thinking bad things might happen, hope you improve and don't doubt yourself

  • thanks snine,i do try to do things,but im so scared and always end up rushing back home,but even at home things are constantly on my mind! i feel like i need to ring the doctor all the time,if i do go out i like to be with someone else who i feel safe with.are you seeing anyone snine? do you have any tips

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