Hey, weirdo is back!!! 🖐🏻

So, Last couple of days I've been having panic attacks, and I just ask myself why am I so "fucked up" why can't I go back to the way I used to be.

Honestly just can't be arsed anymore! I'm having some happy days again which I'm grateful for but why can't I make my head be normal and think positive 😳!! Bit of a random one here basically just typing shit to keep myself from thinking 😞


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  • Me too. It's like I get one little small taste of normal and then SIKEEEEEEEEEEEE.... here comes the panic and the soul leaving body attacks. I just want to be out this damn hell depersonalization/derealization. People say distraction is key but I don't know what else to do to keep distracted. I try all day. It just SUCKS

  • Your words totally sums it up completely!!! There's only so much you can do to distract yourself

  • Yes, you know what's happening...good days followed by down ones, which happens to people who do not have our situations too. Perhaps yo may want to keep a diary so you can track if here is a pattern. Just need to record your meds, if any and time were taken, and just a note or two about the time you have anxiety and when it lets up, and what was happening at the time. We all hope you have better days and we're here for you.

  • Thank you 👍🏻 I've got a diary and it's just basically a sum up of how fucked up things actually are and how much of a rollercoaster my head is

  • Ok, there are diaries and then there are are angry and frustrated when just a few days ago you were having good days. No sense keeping a diary if you are not noticing when and what your feelings are changing, what meds you take if any and when, what is happening when you see you are starting to feel anxiety creeping even, are drafting the road map you just traveled......doesn't help much to blow it off has just a record of "things are just fucked up".....back away, settle down and try it again. That diary can be a road map of how and why the anxiety is creeping back, resulting in how and why things "are just fucked up." Need this to figure how to start undoing the knots anxiety has made.

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