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Wee bit of support please


having a tough couple of days . Had cbt session mon so maybe why . But Iv been trying really hard to get out of the house and bring my little one to school . This morn tho diddnt go so good it's only 15 mins away but felt it very long and difficult and hard to distract myself . Feeling like I can't do it now and am puttin myself under too much pressure but just thot I was getting too complacent staying at home . Iv worked myself up into a tizz now about tmoro wondering if I shd take my diazepam in morn where I usually take it at nite . Just felt so scared and wobbly x

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Hopefully it's just a blip, sounds like your doing all the right things ,cbt etc. I wouldn't mess with the timings of your meds though take as Normal. Try not to be discouraged by today , tomorrow is a new day and you'll do just fine.

Every step you take is a step towards feeling better and more In control of anxiety and panic, all the best .

Andypandy30 in reply to 1973m

Thank u really appreciate ur response . Iv just started the cbt . Just feeling a bit pressured tryin to do too much at once . Maybe . I really felt I had to push so hard this morn and im scared of going backwards . I cud always try the taxi again which I has been doin . It was just the noise of all the traffic and being afraid of falling apart in front of everyone . I felt awful inside and cudnt wait to get home .

I'm sorry your feeling like this, it's bizarre I feel like I could have written that post myself! I feel exactly the same way. I'm terrified of going backwards too, drives my family mad dealing with me getting stressed about going backwards which just makes me feel more pressure to move forward. I have to play mind games with myself to try and take the pressure off. Like pretending I'll only drive or go a little distance and then see how I feel and decide to to continue a little further etc. Eventually I get to my destination but only by pretending I'm not planning to go there. Does that make sense? Hope it helps a bit. Thinking of you xxx

Ps I also get really freaked out about people seeing me fall apart in public. A CBT therapist once suggested I do it on purpose to see that it's not all that bad as I imagine. I was like, no way!

Yes ! Thank u I do that too . I hate feeling pressured by other people who just don't get it . I need to do what's easiest for me and at the minute im feeling pressured but it hopefully will change xx

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Hopefully the sun will be shining but after the weather round here today and tonight I doubt I'll be seeing it 😣.

We all have ups and downs even those without anxiety so you are allowed to hit bumps in the road. It's OK to. It helps us look back and see what progress we have made and if we could do anything different to how we have been that could also help us. If we didn't hit these bumps we'd never reflect we'd be too busy running and looking ahead. A little reflection is a good thing x

Thank you yes Iv been there one step forward 2 back . Hard to deal with and put a brave face on . I just let the bumps keep me stuck again so it's harder every time x

When you look back along the road and see how far you've travelled let that give you some fight to want to go further. I'm stuck at a bump this week too it's finding it in you to get over the bump. I've not got the gas to at the moment. But I know I will and the fight will return just as it will for you. Don't focus on being stuck focus on how far you've come xx

ThNk u for ur kind words . It is hard Iv alot going on at once work getting done to house . Couple of events coming up all things that stress me so I do be hard on myself but will keep trying . This too shall pass hope u get over ur bump too xx

You are very welcome, I meant them.

It will pass. You will see your light at the end of the tunnel xx

I think I'm goin to cut myself some slack and taxi tomorrow im still gettin there just don't want to push myself I'll put myself completely off . I will make it easier for myself .

1973m in reply to Andypandy30

Good idea, you're still doing it! By going in a taxi! Stop beating yourself up it will all happen in time and if you've only just started cbt give it a few more weeks little steps be proud that you're getting out and starting to gain confidence, also I doubt very much yours fall apart , I used to think I was going to drop down all the time that my legs wouldn't carry me especially in crowded places, It never happened! Praise yourself on how strong you are and that your body won't let you down ,,,, it's your mind that's miss behaving. Take care x

Andypandy30 in reply to 1973m

Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement . I know you're right I can only do the best I can and my best is good enough ! Xxx

Mayby your trying to do too much too soon. I do CBT too, and was advised to take baby steps, until I felt real comfortable walking out on my own..I feel panicy when I go out walking, but have been walking around the block for a while and now I feel ok doing it,what im trying to say here is, mayby walk out on your own, slowly increase it as you gain more confidence .and then try the walk to the school..for now I would still get the taxi, no need to put yourself in a state..you WILL be able to do it again..but take it slowly..Take care love Miarose xxxx

Andypandy30 in reply to miarose

Thank u Mia rose yes that's how I feel . And I'm not avoiding I need to do it just don't think I can manage too much too soon xx

CBT can work but it takes time. It's not an instant fix plus you must be ready to forge ahead with doing the things that scare you. I wish you well. I understand the one step

forward and two back. I haven't been able to take that one step forward, I'm stuck in my safety zone. Try not to take on more than you can. xx

Andypandy30 in reply to Agora1

Thank u agora wish I cud help u too . It is so very hard . Trying to make it easier on myself . I am doing the very best I can .and so are you xxx

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