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Fear of drying in my sleep and in the ordinary

The first day I started experience this I thought i will just die when I close my eyes I couldn't sleep but latr on I fell asleep I always enjoy sleeping in the afternoon but now the felling has added to the extent of me not feeling happy and not able to eat well every good thing I see people do or say makes me scared, I just fell I will not be there any longer and am still battling with it I need help pls.

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You will not die in your sleep, Marisoljay, not until you are very, very old. The reason you fear dying in your sleep is because you are experiencing anxiety and anxiety tends to magnify small fears ten fold. So the natural reluctance to die before our time which all people feel becomes exaggerated by a factor of ten and so you become obsessed by the fear or premature death.

But I repeat, just because you think you're going to die in your sleep doesn't make it happen. So do not give undue attention to this strange feeling, learn to accept it without fear and in due time it will surely pass, I promise you.


OK I will try thanks


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