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Light-headedness, fear of fainting

Hi everyone. I had a head injury due to fainting 1 year ago. Since then I have always had a subconscious thought/fear of fainting.

Since the end of last year and throughout this year, I have had random spells of dizziness occur when I'm standing. This feeling is like something is sinking in my body as if my insides have just descended a few floors in an elevator. It usually also coincides with a change in body temp. - feeling warmer.

Since then, I have been paranoid about any other out of the ordinary symptoms my body has experienced, leading me to getting tests done in hospital. ECG, MRI, urine, blood, blood pressure etc. have all been normal. Everyone said that it's just anxiety. I've also felt tingling/numbness in my hands and feet at the same time on ocassion. I have felt a tightness in my chest which I can confidently attribute to being just anxiety however.

Usually when I get that sinking feeling, my interpretation of the noise of my surroundings is temporarily altered and I tend to notice/hear a ringing sound. I used to get vertigo for a year when I'd try to roll on the side that I had my head injury on. I no longer believe I get it anymore on that side, but I still refuse to sleep on it. Recently it has made a comeback, triggered by when I roll from my side to my back.

These past few days I have had to go back to work and uni and go out into the public alone on ocassion, and during this whole process for days on end I feel this weird woozy light-headedness - as if I'm on some sort of neverending high (I don't do drugs or smoke or drink).

I have also been recently gagging after finishing my breakfast before going out and I genuinely think that I will vomit each time but I never do.

I'm tired of feeling this way and of having this fear. I constantly think back to and envy the days when my life was more normal, aside from the ocassional lightheaded sensation. I have not been on any medication nor have I seen a therapist yet regarding my anxiety, and I have also not been treated for positional vertigo at any times that I've brought up that I used to/sort of still do have it. I've recently been looking into aromatherapy. I hope someone can shed some clarity on this. It's truly a horrible thing to experience and I've felt so alone until finding this forum.

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I have had bouts of vertigo over the last year. The last time was couple months ago and I had hard time being able to sleep flat. For some reason, it felt dizzy and buzzy in my head. I mentioned it to my husband who said maybe I should get it checked out, but they will probably do am MRI. The idea of that made my anxiety soar. I wanted someone to say it is nothing. Ever since then I am obsessed that something more serious is wrong, to the point of ruining my life. Now, I don't feel the positional vertigo really, just feel dizzy and off balance. I get that same lighted head type dizziness that last couple seconds. Once in while I do get some ear pain and sinus pressure, who knows. I feel like I have the same thing as you. I wish do much it didn't scare me, but then I guess something else would instead.

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I'm sorry to hear youre going through that. It does sound very similar, maybe the same. It's so annoying that we worry about it so much, its really starting to hold me back in life. Thanks for your reply :)

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Hi slugbug, I can totally understand the fear having a fear of fainting. Hopefully what caused it has been addressed which will reduce the chance of it happening again. However the thought, the fear is still caught up in your mind. The symptoms you are describing sound like normal anxiety symptoms. Oh I so remember that horrible elevator feeling like it was dropping several floors. (anxiety)

As you refuse to sleep on the side you had your head injury on, I refuse to sleep on my left side due to having heart palps years ago. It's a learned habit now. Woozy/light headed feeling and even gagging after finishing breakfast all sounds like an over sensitized nervous system.

More than being put on medication, I do think it wouldn't hurt to talk this fear out with a therapist as well as being treated for positional vertigo. I think being treated for that will be beneficial in reducing your stress and fear of a repeat fall. Aromatherapy can have a calming effect but you need to address the medical issue. I'm glad you found this forum. Know that you are never alone. We all care and understand. Keep coming back to get the support you need. My best x

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Thank you very much for your reply :)

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