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Birmingham uk meet up

Hello, I'm Harvinder 36 yr old male suffering with anxiety and depression, I don't have much support from family and I haven't any friends, so I was wondering if anyone in the Birmingham area in the uk, who is also suffering with mental health, would like to meet up? Trying to deal with this on my own is too much and I could do with a chat with people who understand.

I hope together we can all help each other through these dark times and move on with our lives. Take care of yourselves.

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Hi , Im an ex brummie , perhaps we can be friends on here.I hope you start to find more acceptance and support from your family.im blessed with a great husband who is also my best friend i can imagine how lonely you feel.I left brum when i was 14 and i never made friends at my new schoolHaving a brummie accent didnt go down too well in N. ireland during the troubles.i hope that someone else reaches out to you so that you might find friends , and some support .

Wishing you well


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