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Uk citizens anxiety/phobia

What you guys think to set up a little social group for people who are suffering from anxiety etc.we can talk and discuss our methods etc and hooefully have each other to overcome this..

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Hello Ishyp

I just noticed you title said UK Citizens , by this do you mean you are just addressing anyone that lives in the UK ? because asking your question on HU is where we all come together from all over the world to do what you are suggesting and have discussions , support , share and help each other :-)

There are several Anxiety Communities on HU that do just this including this one as well as healthunlocked.com/livingwi... and a few more that you can find by going to Browse Communities at the top of the page

By been a member on here it takes away the stress and sometimes anxiety that overseeing a group can bring while you ask for support as well as offering it to others and they are secure monitored Communities which is another bonus to :-)

Take Care x

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Heeey sorry i meant people living in the uk and we could arrange meet ups etc.just a thought


Hello :-)

I can see you are new to the Community & Welcome :-)

Not sure if you have read the pinned posts to the side of the page but on most Communities with this been the internet it is strongly advised that members are very careful before arranging to meet or give personal details out to others and HU will take no responsibility if by doing so anything goes wrong

I think if you start posting , replying to posts , get to know people really well , friendships over a long period of time can be formed :-)

Hope you will find this to be the case and I am sure in time if you keep interacting on here you will make some great friends :-) x

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Thank you for the advice..👍👍

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Its a pleasure :-)

Stay safe :-) x


Well, I'm not a UK "guy" or "citizen" and the commute would kill me, so I'm a no, but thanks. :)


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