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Rough Day


So earlier today anxiety just decided to pay me a "surprise" visit today. My anxiety is usually heightened during the evening, but it's manageable and lately I've been doing ok. Today however, anxiety was not so easy to manage. I suddenly felt like nothing around me was real, I knew then it was anxiety so I tried not to panic, but then came the shortness of breath and difficulty breathing which terrified me. I struggled with controlling panick bursts throughout the day,but once I felt like I couldn't breathe, anxiety just took over. Today was rough, and I hope tomorrow is a better day. Even though I felt like I was dying all throughout the day, I'm still here, and It makes me feel better knowing that the symptoms that come with anxiety won't kill me.

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No they will not and you will be fine .

And you are most likely right anyway, I don't think anything is real anymore lol

Hope your feeling better now ,however I'm sure you are fine now.

AnxietyBarbie in reply to Hidden

Thanks you Callumlee, I did feel a lot better. But my anxiety feelings still linger within me and they stop me from enjoying things in life. It stinks :/

Hello Mam, I just wanna say that you'll be fine and you'll be okay soon.

You think there are no reasons behind your attack mam? How about food? PMS? Pls tale care mam. Hope you feel better now. God bless

Thanks for the encouragement. Well I think the main reason behind my panic attacks is that I worry to much about my anxiety and think that someday it will kill me because I get symptoms of not being able to breathe, but that goes along with panic attacks. I feel a whole lot better since that day however I still struggle with my anxiety daily, some days are easier than others.

Anxiety is the damn devil. This fake unreal feeling is what I been feeling for 4 months. Maybe I should be like you and try not to panic but the minute I feel intense dream feel I go straight to panic which causes these weird out of body attacks. I'm so sick of it and have so many unanswered question. I pray we get better soon. I'm tired of this hell

I understand how you feel. Sometimes I think maybe anxiety is something we won't be able to get over, we just gotta learn to deal with it. And learn to control it and not let it control us. Anxiety is just fear in our minds, can we get over something we fear? I've been trying to get over my anxiety for about 2 years now, but somehow it lingers around. I can definetly say with passion that anxiety is HELL!

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