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Worried about heart symptoms

My mother died three months ago and I have been going through a lot of stress since then because she died suddenly (she had health problems) and I couldn't comprehend why it happened so I spent my time talking to doctors to find out the reason why it happened. I suppose is part of the grieving process we cannot accept our loved ones death and the grievers have to search for reasons why it happened, it's not very rational but it's and after effect after having a traumatic experience.

During this period I was having random dizzy spells lasting 2-3 seconds and followed by rapid pulse for a couple of minutes. The dizzy spell and pulse did not happened at the same time, and the rapid pulse did not happened before the dizzy spell.

The dizzy spell did not feel like the room spinning around, it felt more like unsteadiness like I was just about to loose my balance and faint.

I went to the cardiologist, he did an echocardiogram, ecg, holter monitor and stress test but he only said my pulse was fast while doing the stress test but he couldn't see anything abnormal. I am worried that they are missing something, I didn't have any episode while doing the stress test or wearing the Holter monitor, and that is the confusing thing, you could have all the test come back with nothing abnormal and have dangerous arrhythmia, because if it's not happening while they are doing the test they don't know if there is a problem or not. The only solution would be to carry a monitor for 6 months and hoping that you get an episode while you are wearing the Holter so they can confirm if you are having a dangerous arrhythmia or not.

I am worried that these episodes mean that there is something wrong with my heart and I am getting anxious when I go out because I worry that maybe next time I will collapse and die. Can an expert or someone going through the same problem give me some advise? Thank you for your time reading my post.

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First off I would like to say that I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is a tragic event and causes a lot of stress in someones life. So if your body feels out of balance or you don't feel like yourself it is normal. With that being said, I've experienced the symptoms you're describing. It doesn't feel like the room is spinning but more like someone is pulling you down to the ground and you're about to pass out. If you went to a cardiologist and he couldn't find anything you need to trust your doctors. Also I'd like to add the stress is also known as the "silent killer". Stress does terrible things to the body, I've experienced it first hand. Good things to try and reduce stress are, exercise, walking, running, any type of physical activity, talking to your friends and family. Good luck with everything and I hope this helps.

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I'm somewhat going though the same thing I have pvc's which are a skipped heart beat my heart doc did ekg, holster monitor and echo. Everything came back normal. But I'm still scared something is wrong with my heart. I'm highly stressed right now and I'm trying to get on the right meds. But my stress goes straight to my chest area. I feel tightness and pain so my first thought is I'm having a heart attack. But I'm learning and trying to trust my doctors. Yes a I know a heart attach could happen at any point to anyone you can't control that. So for me I'm learning slowly to just relax and enjoy life. If new symptoms happen I'll go back to the dr but anxiety and stress can make your body do crazy things. So breathe and know that you are more than likely ok (this is me talking to myself too 😊)

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