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Bug bite

So I got bite by some sort of bug today.... I just felt it but didn't see it... and it has caused my anxiety to come in full force.... I'm really worried about it being a poisonous spider or something.....I did put plantain on it for 20 mins or so and it doesn't look bad just a little bump/slightly sore/ slightly red.... I now have drawing salve on it just in case but I'm still really anxious.... I know I probably over reacting but I can't keep the thoughts that something horrible might happen :(

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Hi, I live in a subtropical area where almost everything thrives....including insects, bugs, spider and cross between them all. Since you are still concerned about that bump, perhaps you might consider seeing your GP and getting a tetanus shot or antibiotic if the doctor thinks that's appropriate.

I managed to bang and scrape my forehead recently on a rock and I went to my GP for a tetanus shot just to be safe. I ended up with a black eye from the "collision" with the rock and couldn't remember when I even had a tetanus shot. So I was a very strange looking lady for about ten days with that eye changing color as it healed, but I knew there wasn't going to be an infection from the large scrape above it. You take care of yourself, and see your doctor if you that's the best thing to do, ok? :)


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