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Feeling a little down dealing with. Lots of symptoms anyone else can relate


I have this fullness pressure in my head. & ear then the sides of my neck feels full ik it sounds crazy & top of my shoulders have knots & with a drainage taste not sinus had ct scan, & Mri Dr said it was migraine bc at 1st it was only headaches now new symptoms go to dr tomorrow

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I have numbness in my lips and face, chest discomfort. Anxiety has a lot of symptoms, when one dissipates another one may pop up. But no harm in getting checked out. Good luck!

Thanks, yeah thats why i"m going bc ive been having these symptoms for about a month now

Hi philly101 i havnt experience the lip numbness but i" have experience the chest discomfort it dont hurt i cant put it words & i have never felt like this before its the worse feeling i"m usually the life of the party hope to be again soon!!

yea everyones symtoms are different with anxiety. Since everyones bodies are different. Just a matter of finding what triggers the anxiety and mitigating it. Good luck!

Thanks for replying it helps to know your not alone

Yeah as soon as I started reading your symptoms I thought migraine! It comes out in many peculiar ways not just a bad headache. Good luck.

Thanks for responding its a terrible feeling but finding this community helps to know your not alone

Hey just seen your post , I was having this too , I wanted to get a CT done but i thought to my self " I've done this before " it's all anxiety it's all in our minds , anxiety is vary powerful and so is our minds . I knew my symptoms went away when I started to relax more but it made me so tired too like my eyes felt heavy and my head felt like a lot of pressure . It sucked! I still kinda get it when I think of it & my head starts remembering the symptoms .

Thanks Briannafaye 1!😊 but i dont think its just aniexty bc of the other symptom i"m getting i wish i wasnt havnt any but if this aniexty it is something i will see thanks for responding hope u have a wonderful Day

I saw a video on youtube where ppl were describing there migraine symptoms & you were right its just not bad headaches

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