Hi everyone. Can anyone else relate?

It's 4am here, and I need some advice. Does anybody else's anxiety make them really on edge? Make them worry when there's nothing there etc? Obviously that's what anxiety is, but I started freaking out about half an hour ago because I was scared I'd start hallucinating despite the fact I've never experienced hallucinations before. Is this normal?

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  • I've had this happen before just try to focus on something else or maybe try to get some rest.

  • It's about to be 5am here and I'm worrying because I have to be up for work in 2 and half hours but I cannot sleep. If you've never had hallucinations then there wouldn't really be any reasons why you'd start having them all of a sudden, anxiety makes us think up irrational thoughts!

  • What kind of hallucinations are you experiencing?

  • Yes it is.. Part of anxiety is to worry about things that we wouldn't normally worry about. One tactic I use for the night time terrors (obsessive worrying) is to tell myself at I'll worry about it tomorrow and that I need sleep right now.. It works for me, might be worth a shot. Hope you can get a hold of it. It's not easy I know.

  • I have heart palpations and then I start to get shaky. I have been waking up every couple of hours feeling panicky which leads to my mind racing and scary thoughts pop in my head. I will be lying next to my boyfriend when suddenly I'm watching him sleep in awe of my love for him, suddenly my mind starts thinking of what if I just elbowed him and shocked him while sleeping??? Than I get really sad and think I'm going crazy. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • What did you think you saw? I know this isn't a good idea for sleep , but for us worrying type, turn the tv on something funny or happy and focus on that. It will help take your mind off stuff. ❤️lynl

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