Poor whywhy she has put so much effort into keeping us all together that I must give her my heartfelt thanks and apologise for any pain that I have caused her.

Now I do have a hard day of tests tomorrow so I am getting some shut eye now.

I appreciate you all for having me back because I would be all the poorer without you.Stress just gets a bit hard some times.

Tomorrow I shall be at the hospital for most of the day so I may not be able to get back on until Thursday.

But unfortunately for you I am back to stay no matter what.

Thank you all very very much and please have a safe and peaceful night

All my love




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7 Replies

  • Good luck at the hospital...


  • You silly old B****R

    Be thinking about you & you will get through this

    Get Bert back when you can cos I need my song & I no he likes to hear about the vice , he will miss me talking about it & Will-I-am ;-)


  • Oh Grog, thank god you're back!!!! :) Would have missed you - did miss you, :( don't you ever scare us all like that again - pleeeasseeeee!!!!

    Good luck at the hospital tomorrow, we'll be thinking of you, toes crossed!!! Blog when you feel up to it!

    And yeah, get Berrty back if you can, no-one wanted him to go! :( AND Whywhy needs her daily serenade!!!! ;)

    Big hugs for tomorrow


  • Thanks Rose,

    No Rose I shan't be going anywhere too many good friends on here.

    Mind you I have to get back from the hospital I am a typical man..........scared stiff!

    Went to sleep at 3am....awake again at a right panic.

    I have e mailed Bertty.......Blimey Men!!!......He wants to come back but is reluctant to because he thinks he has caused Mr B to leave.And without giving away any confidences Mr B messaged me just before he left to say he felt that he had upset Berrty!! It all happened so quickly I just panicked and went as well.

    I would love for them both to come back.Mr B is going to under go the same procedures as me in a months time so I am sure we could be a help to each other.

    Hope to see you soon



  • Good luck, Grog, let us know how you get on when you're up to it!!!

    And tell Berrty to come back, we miss him!!! :(


  • Good luck you dear man x

  • Thank you.

    have a good day too



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