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How much more

I've recently just started my Prozac took the first one and within a hour I felt spaced out and hollow chest. I'm literally at my wits end I don't feel like I can cope with this any longer I suffer from really bad derealisation and I feel like every day is a nightmare and I feel like I'm in hell. No one seems to understand me not even my new therapist knew what I meant. I just feel like I am dying because Nobody else experiences this hollow chest feeling I feel like I have no air in my body. Please someone say this nightmare will end soon or I am going mad and feel like I need to be locked away for a few days

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just be patient. It takes a few weeks to build up the benefits


You know I know your pain. This derealization is hell but give the medicine some time. Maybe it will work. I always wonder if I should try Prozac. My therapist is the same. Keeps saying no matter what name I call it is still anxiety. He annoys me


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