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Always get checked out

Hi I'm just reassuring you abit I was having chest pain the other day very small didn't hurt went a and e and my blood pressure was sky high done a ecg heart was really irregular at 156bpm so went hospital there it was fine done blood tests come. Back normal except for blood clot came back positive had echo an ct scan comeback normal I'm only 18 why am I getting this I know nothings wrong but I keep thinking what if one time I have these chest pains it is serious but until now it is what makes It worse sometimes I get pains in chest back jaw and arm sometimes at Same time but then everything g ecg is normal need reassurance really badly help most of the time I'm calm about it it's just really shap sometimes goes numb an then a red mark appears :( if it's anxiety then it's even making professionals check even tho it's nothing

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I'm happy u got check out age is nothing but a number if u under alot of stress it can cause a lot of problems make sure u eat healthy exercise and drink a lot of water and don't use salt and do a fellow up with your Doctor I will be praying for u God love u so much


All I do is eat healthy literally eat so little saturated fat and sugar and all I drink is water and nothing else


That's great I need to learn to do that. I'm happy you're ok

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Thank you


The healthy eating foes help I think I haven't had an anxiety attack in about 5months


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