DP/DR and relationships

Can anyone relate ? So I've been struggling with depersonalization and derealization for more than a year now . As time progressed my situation has subsided significantly but not enough . It's tragic enough that the two symptoms affect our identity and disconnects us with reality . I'm currently doubting my relationship of 3years. I'm not sure if it's my dr/dp that doesn't make me feel the same, or is it that I don't love him anymore ...


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  • It's jus the dp/dr I know how you feel because when I had it I was feeling the same stuff telling myself do I really love my lady are what but I got better and realized I really do love her and glad I didn't lose her ☺

  • Thank you for your response ! It's good to know that things worked out between you two, it gives me some hope.

  • It's the Dp/dr. Makes your emotionally numb. It is hell. Does it come to you as attacks? I was just having an ok day yesterday and all of a sudden I felt this awful fake rush that I felt I was completely detached from my body and felt fake dream. It is the worst. I just don't know how the hell im going to get better

  • In the beginning months yes it will come randomly full force . Now I have it when my anxiety is extremely elevated . I guess I have it daily but if my anxiety isn't as bad it doesn't affect me .

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