The past two days have been hell, feel delusional and constantly having panic attacks every hour, feel like I don't know my family, I'm stuck in my own head and I'm so scared. I can't do this anymore. It feels like any minute now I'm going to wake up from this hell but it's not happening and I feel so alone and terrified. I feel like no one has ever felt like this, I feel dead; waiting for something to happen to me. I feel I'll never get better. Will this ever go away or is this my life now?

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  • Hi ano how u fell a get that to a fell like am spaced out not my self just whant to be alone then am scared to be alone think somethings going to happen to me a keep taking anxiety attacks all the time 24/7 witch am scared to even scared of going to doctors but my hubby is coming with me to day a just fell like am foing to die and a total diffret person it dose go away a have had it e times past 8 years now

  • So it's on and off? I just need a sense of being real again to give myself some motivation

  • Yeh its off and on a wisj a was back to my normal self again to but doctor gave me a phone number and web site to yous she said a dont need medication so hears hoping again

  • I went to the doctors today, gave me a ton of medication. Feel like nothings gonna fix me, I'm stuck

  • A was same but a have had it in the passed to ano watt it is she said a dond need medication at the moment if a get bad a have to go back and se her

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