Struggling with anxiety and chest pain

Struggling with anxiety and chest pain

I'm 28 just been diagnosed with anxiety back in May I been in and out the ER for about 3 months for every test that you can name since everything is OK but I feel different I'm always scared thinking the worst of everything I'm not understanding how you can have chest pain everyday and not able to come to a solution to figure what's going on with my life I just don't know what's going on someone help me please


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  • I have the same problem, mines started Nov. 2015

  • Hi DClemons1988, when chest pain isn't heart related, the pain can go on daily. When we have anxiety, the pain can be coming from tighten chest wall muscle as well as irritated nerve endings between the rib cage called costochrondritis. When going to the ER, they are interested in only if you have a life threatening issue. If it is something chronic then they send you off to your own doctor. A rheumatologist could let you know where the pain is coming from. It could be a chronic pain disorder coming from Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Syndrome. I think it would be beneficial for you to go back to your own doctor letting him know how this is affecting your life. If stress is indeed causing this, there are other ways to address it. Medication, therapy, exercise etc. I hope you do find some answers so that you can find a solution. Wishing you my best. x

  • Thank you so much that was very helpful. I just want my life back this is some scary stuff and I'm trying my best to desk with it but it's hard

  • I know how hard anxiety is to deal with but try not to let it overwhelm you. Keep a positive attitude as well as look for the answers of what is causing it.x

  • Two years ago I ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack... had pain in my jaw, pain up and down my left arm and chest pain. 100% not a heart attack. Jaw pain turned out to be from clenching my jaw from stress, and the pain in the left arm and hand same thing... tension. Chest pain too. for some reason I clench my left side from stress. I go through a routine now where I "check" myself to see if I am clenching, tensing, stressing, etc. my body, then I relax those body parts. It has helped a lot. Stress and anxiety can do horrible things to your body!

  • As well said in earlier replies, anxiety can cause physical symptoms without real cause. So, it leads to further stress. After you get the doctor's clearance we have to accept the situation. its not easy. I'm still struggling to keep with that thinking. It helps definitely though from time to time sudden failures occur and I rush to the docs. But the frequency is less now. You will be fine soon. All the best. Take care!

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