jumpy feeling felt like my heart stoped little help please so i can go on with my day

so im hanging out with my friends and i jumped up felt like a wierd sensation in my body i even shaked a bit i felt so scared and feeling a bit pain in the middle of my chest bone but it comes and leave it doesnt stay for long im a bit lost and worried because i dont know what just happen and thank god my friends didnt see it im trying to act normal


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  • Keep acting normal Johnnie. It was just a little nervous blip...not harmful, doesn't mean anything significant. Enjoy being with your friends.

  • yeah im trying plus one of them is smoking weed and im smelling it alot and no im not smoking or anything is just strong

  • Why don't you feel comfortable in talking to your friends about it? You never know they might going through anxiety too, everyone has their own battles you never know. I'm sure if they're your friends they can support you, you don't have to act normal.

  • i dont want them to know they might think something bad is happening or think might be crazy or something

  • Its always difficult to talk to other people in fear that they may think that you are cray, cray

  • yeahh thats why i dont say anything

  • I lost a lot of friends...they didn't understand though I was crazy etc... until one day they experienced it.. so dont be afraid to open up..at least u know who friends are.. wish I the best of luck.. and by the way I started a page on Facebook and it called let's talk Anixety.. look me up and join.. Christina gilliam..

  • Hello Johnnie, sorry you had a bad experience when you were with your friends. But I am glad to hear you did get out and enjoyed some time with your friends. Hope the remainder of the day was better for you.

  • yeah trying to cope with this its a daily thing my nerves need some rest my body is in pain legs , back aswell i just feel so tierd

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