Went to my doctor four days ago for this awful awful.... did I mention awful? Chest pain

Well he said since I've been to the er before and they've checked out my heart, it's probably gerd. So he started me on prescription Prilosec.. that was 4 days ago. I'm taking that also taking tums.. malox... pepto

I still have this chest pain really bad!

Should I give the Prilosec more time to work??

Thanks guys hope you all are having a great day ❤️


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  • Elizabeth04, I understand your doctor prescribing Prilosec but why also tums, malox and pepto? It sounds like you are overmedicating and each is working against the other. Does the doctor know you are taking these in addition to Prilosec?

    "Probably Gerds" wouldn't satisfy me either, if I continued with the chest pain. I believe your mind needs to be put at ease as well as your chest pain before all this will settle down.

  • Yesterday I had to take tums and then later on that night pepto in addition to the Prilosec bc it wasn't working. He told me that I could take that as long as it was a few hours after the Prilosec. Untill the Prilosec starts working?

  • Elizabeth, as long as your doctor told you to do that. Not sure how Prilosec works with chronic GERDS, maybe it does need time to build up in your system. I'm sure others on the forum who have the same problem will be able to let you know how they did.

    I'm sorry your pain continues, that must be terrible. I hope you start feeling better soon. x

  • Thank you so much agora 👍🏻 Your always such a help to me!

  • It's funny Elizabeth in that as soon as I responded, I noticed you have responses coming in from others going through the same thing. That's what makes this forum so great, we realize we are never alone in what we go through. Hugs x

  • You are so right

    Thankful for this forum

  • I've been suffering with bad gerd for two months. The pain is ridiculous it comes and goes it starts behind chest and radiates to my lower back then upto the top then back to chest/stomach. Sometimes it wakes me up and doesn't allow me too sleep

  • That's how mine is. It's excruciating. I'm praying this is going to help me

    Chest pain scares me. Is yours 24/7?

  • Yes give the prilosec more time to start working on your system! My doctor put me on omperazole which worked wonders for me so I highly recommend it. I used to throw up every morning from my heartburn and barely want to eat but I feel so much better after regularly using my medication, but it did take about a week or two to feel better.

  • Thank you. Yes that's what I'm on 20 mg. I'm hoping that I'll start to see a difference soon. Chest pain is scary

  • Not usually 24/7 maybe twice a week for a couple of hours but had it Sunday night from 9 in the evening until late Tuesday constant pain. I actually dialled 111 and a paramedic came out to examine me because the pain was unbearable. He Checked heart sugar level that was fine and it slowly started going. Saw doctor on Tuesday he thinks it's a mix between ibs and gerd.

  • Dear Elizabeth04, I suffer from this too, and it can be very scary. I was given omeprazole which did take a while to start working. I take gaviscon and peppermint tea when the pain gets really bad and find it helps a bit. Have you had tests done? I am getting scopes done in a few weeks just to check what's going on. I have been told that I probably have IBS and GERD. Good luck x

  • I haven't had anything to check my esophagus etc.

    I have been told a very long time ago that I may have ibs. I'm the same I want to have maybe a camera... can't remember what the test is called..... to make sure I don't have hirnia

  • I have GERD as well and when it's at it worst it causes inflammation in the cartilage around my ribs and breastbone called costochondritis. The pain is horrible. I couldn't take the PPI drugs like omeprazole, but I am able to take Pepcid (Famotidine) and after a few days, the pain gets better. Ibuprofen and Tylenol help with the pain in the meantime, just be sure to eat something before taking ibuprofen because it can irritate your stomach otherwise.

  • Yes i definitely have that as well as Gerd. Unfortunately lol

    I got the costochondritis from picking up my little boy 😩 I guess the gerd is just the icing on the cake so to speak

  • Yesterday I was having stomach and chest pain and burnings. My doctor said it is gerd. I m feeling OK now. I feel Gerd is the effect of our feeling of fear

  • Me too

  • I had these same symptoms for months. Then they got so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I got an appointment with a Dr. of Internal Medicine. It was my gall bladder. Had it removed & the Dr. told me it was rotten! 😄 Haven't had any problems since & that was 2 yrs. ago..

  • I have Gerd but not chest pains, it's mostly a feeling like I have to cough but cannot cough up anything. It's weird and makes me very anxious. Anyway, I've read that the feeling I was getting was GERD and it is just acids coming up into my esophagus. I also read that eating a piece of ginger worked to alleviate the symptoms of GERD. I ran to the refrigerator because I was panicking so badly, I ate the piece of ginger and I am not exaggerating that within minutes the GERD was gone completely. I keep ginger in my refrigerator all the time now. Just try it, it tastes bad but it works wonders and is worth a try. The medicines work too but are probably not good for you.. GInger is very good for you.

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