Gerd and papaya juice

So I have Gerd and my Aunt told me to try Papaya Juice. I did but then it made my stomach really upset (tmi I'm sorry). After I felt really hungry but afraid to eat, now I have this heavy pressure in my chest and lump in my throat. I was feeling so anxious and my thoughts started to run so wild. Now that I understand what causes Gerd I'm a little at ease but I can never shake the feeling. I was feeling so tired of going through this and said a little prayer, right after I stumbled across this article about mindfulness which helped calm me down. Now I'm just venting and wondering if anyone else gets the tight, heavy chest with the lump in the throat.


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  • Hi Tanae, I think most of us can say we have felt both the heavy pressure in the chest as well as the lump in the throat sensation. Not only can anxiety cause our muscles to tighten but when feeling anxious and thoughts start to race, we tend to breathe faster and swallow air. Air bubbles in the esophagus can feel like pressure in your upper chest. Understanding the cause of our symptoms certainly can help even though it may not shake the feeling altogether. I'm glad mindfulness worked for you. Did you even get to eat something after you settled down? Feel better x

  • Thank You. I took some pepto bismol and the pressure went away, now it's back. I'm currently eating oatmeal. I never felt it like this before.

  • Tanae, I hope eating will help you feel better. You are your own best advocate when it comes to knowing when to call the doctor. Also try drinking something warm and sip on it. It may help relax any spasms in your throat and/or esophagus. x

  • Flat Canada Dry ginger ale is supposed to help an upset stomach or pepermint tea. GERD burns like you stomach and esophagus are on fire...I prefer to take a liquid anti acide as it coats your insides gong down. Gaviscon is a good one. Ranitidine is a good prescription one. I often get the pressure in the chest but no lump in the throat. If you ever have the chance to take CBT classes they teach mindfulness and you would not believe all the different ways we can try to distract out thoughts.....even better if it helps.

  • kama24, That's what I love about this forum. You can always pick up info that you've been looking for, like the liquid antacid. I was told Mylanta doesn't come in liquid anymore but didn't realize Gaviscon does. Thanks for sharing that bit of info. Oh.... and flat ginger ale, peppermint tea or even peppermint schnapps helps an upset stomach. I had the schnapps once and didn't care if I felt sick or not :) Take care dear.

  • I agree often we hear tid bits that turn out helpfull Zantac I believe comes in liquid too but Gavascon really coats your innards lol Plain white rice and a plain baked ootatoe are 2 other examples. In the old days people would drink water and baking soda....

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