How to stop dizziness/spaced out/off balance/drunk feeling..

I've dealt with it four years had all types of test done all said anxiety.... If this dizzy spaced out feeling would leave I'd feel great...


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  • You are not alone!

  • How long have you had these symptoms

  • I've had these symptoms, actually I had them today. I feel like I am off balanced, like I am drunk, like I am about to fall back. My mind is all over the place, I don't concentrate on the now and I am spaced out. I noticed also the more I think about it the more intense it gets. Taking deep breaths helps me and exercise. It is extremely frustrating, it tends to make my anxiety worse.

  • Thank you... It's hard because sometimes I just sit around and my boyfriend talks mess to me about being lazy but I'm dizzy n feel faint I'm not lazy just scared...

  • Best advice I can give you is not to think about it. I know its easier said than done but believe me, if you don't think about it the symptoms will go away. The more you think about the symptoms the more intense and frequent they will get.

  • Ashley1489, I get that whenever there is too much going on at one time. My head gets this off balanced/spaced out feeling. That is always my cue to take some "me" time and quiet my mind and body. I go onto YouTube listen to some audio meditation and deep breathing for 5-10 minutes while sipping on a bottle of water. I'm good after that. Recharged and ready to continue.

    Our nervous systems are different than the average person. We can't handle that much stimulation that life throws at us. We always have to be working on our Type A personality. x

  • same with me,i always feel the swaying /rocking sensation.i just ignore it,bcoz if i will focus on,it will just make it you're not alone

  • First, know and remind yourself that it will pass. Second, best way is to completely distract yourself. Go out, do something, talk to people, call a friend and talk about something other than what your are currently experiencing. Third, take a break from the world. Close your eyes. Listen to youtube meditation. There is many, long and short. 30 min break should do. If not, take a nap.

  • This has been a top three pain in the rear symptom for me going on 15 years. There had been no pharmaceutical relief with exception to benzodiazepines, which might help somewhat.

  • OMG please don't say 15 years... No stop???

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