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I've never felt so depressed and alone

This came out of no where

For a couple days now I just feel major depressed. I don't want to move or do anything. All i want to do is cry

I went out to get a swim suit today bc school will be out soon and my kids will want to go play at the pool. I didn't feel like shopping so I just ran in and grabbed my normal size I thought I'd wear.

Got home and I'm disgusted. It doesn't fit. I look horrible, over the past 8 months or so that I've had GAD and panic disorder my body and physical appearance has been the last thing in my mind. I feel so sad

Please God let me get back to being me

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Don't worry you're not the first! I seemed to put 5 stone on overnight, one minute I was fine the next I couldn't fit into any of my clothes and felt like a whale!! When you're feeling so pants the last thing you're thinking about is what you're eating and how you look, now that you know you are unhappy with yourself you can do something about it. Start eating healthy and try to get out and about walking, it should help with your mood also! (Need to listen to my own advice!)

Most importantly don't beat yourself up about it, you've probably had much bigger things to try and deal with and it's better to get those issues sorted... the weight will come off when your mind is in a better place :)

L x

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Thank you.

I need to rethink my diet anyways as I have burping/ reflux everyday.

It's always something



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