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Physical symptoms,can't believe it's stress and anxiety

Hi my Daniel. I thought I would write this in the hope somebody might be able to put my mind at rest.2 years ago I went through a pretty stressful event and it's still going on to this day.i have had lots of pain in my right flank goin into my back for most of this time that just won't go away! I've had numerous tests but all come back clear,which is good but so frustrating! It affects all aspects of my life and I'm terrified it will never go away! I am currently seeing a councillor who is sure it's stress and anxiety related but I just can't believe it! Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated

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Hi Daniel. If it's muscular/skeletal as you suggest maybe go to a Ciropractitioner? eg My seizures are Neuro probs but directly attributable to brain injury + orthopaedics after being "kicked by a horse"!


I suppose it could be stress related but it seems like you would find a physical reason for it. Since you've already tried that, I suppose you have to go with stress or some really hard-to-diagnose cause. Have you had kidney function testing done? If so, I can't think of anything else.


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