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Broken heart

I fell in love with someone and dated for a year then the pressure got to him and he blew me off cold. 3 months later...its back on. Things have been great until 3 days ago he went cold again. Such acute anxiety I nearly passed out in bank cue. Severe shaking. Acute panic. Rushed to a spiritual healer believe it or not and he calmed my body Down. Has anyone suffered such acute symptoms of anxiety and newly diagnosed depression from a broken heart?

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So sorry for your heart being broken by the same man twice. Yes, te manner in which he left you twice could cause anxiety in a variety of ways.

But one thing you know now, is not to let it happen to you again with this man, allow yourself to grieve about the loss of a future you thought you might have together. Maybe if you can learn how to do this, your mind and soul won't grab the anxiety fast button and put you into the anxiety lane.

Paul Simon has an old tune with the phrase "losing a love is like having a window in your heart, you're blown apart, and everybody can see the wind blow"...I have felt that way before, but it takes a long time to get over a lost love sometimes, so take care of yourself and allow yourself to grieve. You'll eventually get over this, but if you continue to have such bad episodes you may want to seek out some medical of group therapy help. You are gong to get over this, you are gong to feel better in time.

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