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This is why i have anxiety


I do not understand why my heart rate would drop to 50 when I’m just sitting at my computer in between trying to get lunch ready for my kids. Ever since I’ve seen this i can’t stop looking at my heart rate. I hate this thing but i don’t bc it helps keep me moving and active. I mean i just worked out 2 hours ago with no issues

This really sucks I’ve got to get my mind off this or I’m gonna freak out

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Aliciar, you do have to get your mind off your heart rate.

Our heart beat and blood pressure change constantly throughout

the day. Our bodies know how to take care of us safely. Make sure

you hydrate and have some lunch and don't get drawn into the trap

of focusing on your h/r. xx

Aliciar in reply to Agora1

I know and thank you my husband just told me to take the stupid thing off so i think I’m going too

Agora1 in reply to Aliciar

Good for you. Great advice from your husband. :) xx

wow, just been dealing with this same issue. I checked my blood pressure this morning and it was pretty low, like 105 / 70, I also had a low pulse rate around 50 also. Now am totally stressed out over this. I know a few years ago when my father died, a few months before I was having dizzy spells and low heart rate and my bp was very low in the morning. I was constantly checking, and like agora said, have to stop focusing on it. It basically drove me crazy

Hi autumnthebrat2, hydration plays a big part in lower blood pressure. Always make sure you are well hydrated during the day. Drinking plenty of water will allow enough blood volume in the body during these hot muggy days. When was the last time you had this checked by your doctor. He is the one who knows best what is normal for you.. xx

whenever I go to the doctor, it's on the high side because i'm very nervous

That's the problem in that at the doctors our anxiety brings the pressure up.

Letting the doctor know what your numbers are at home, he may have you monitor

it for a week or so and bring the read out to him or he may already know that

your numbers tend to run lower which is normal for you. x

I have the same thing happen on my Fitbit and now my Apple Watch. I’ve noticed that it happens if my arm is bent or if I’m laying on that arm. Sometimes they just loose connection and have trouble getting your pulse again. I know when my pulse doesn’t register on the app for a few seconds it always comes back a super high or low number and shows an inaccurate reading.

I’ve had a heart monitor on from the doctors office and gave him the times my Fitbit said high or low, but my heart rate monitor was stable and few palpitations/pvc’s.

It took me awhile to accept the fact that these devices aren’t always accurate. Though still today I question it.

Aliciar in reply to Kawa

I’m so glad you posted this. It makes me feel a lot better. I know several times i have checked the Fitbit to a blood pressure machine and it’s been way off. I know the Fitbit isn’t supposed to be used as a medical device or heart monitor. I just somehow have to convince my brain of that

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