Afraid I have cancer

Okay, I'm 17 and was recently in the hospital for a mass spotted on my back near my lung. 4 Radiologists confidently said it was pneumonia. I was giving antibiotics....No longer feel the pains that I was feeling prior to my hospital visit. However, I have random chest pains, Not the sharpest of pains but enough to get me worried about my health. I return to the hospital for a follow up exam in 2 weeks and I am terrified they will tell me that I have a worse condition than first thought *Cough* *Cough* the bug C. I don't seem tohave shortness of breath though I believe I have worried myself to exhaustion which is what makes me feel tired. I will admit a cough but I only cough after eating food and drinking something after it and it's a quick cough....Also coughed when laughing a couple times....Am I just being dramatic? Please go easy on me in the comments....or not....Whatever floats your boat


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  • HeyItsThatKidd, 4 Radiologists, 4 sets of eyes looking at your X-ray can't be wrong in telling you it was pneumonia. The antibiotics you were given would take care of that issue. They are following all protocol in having you return in 2 weeks for a follow up exam. They will just be making sure the lungs are now clear. As you have noticed some of your prior symptoms are disappearing or getting less. Feeling tired and still having some coughing is normal in the recovery period. I don't think you are being dramatic but were scared and let those emotions get the best of you. You will do fine by listening to your doctor. You are young and have that on your side. You will recovery nicely.

  • Thank you very much Agora1. You've helped me calm myself

  • chest infections very common at your age. Cancer very rare. The 2 week follow up x ray will clarify

  • I appreciate you taking your time out to help

  • Do you smoke? When I was a heavy smoker (just over a pack a day) I had a severe chest infection twice a year. I was rushed into hospital twice when I was 17 for it.

    Im sure its exactly as the doctors say.. pneumonia as like I say.. had it twice a year almost every year when I smoked.

  • Nah, I stay far away from Smoke. Im a second hand smoker unfortunately but I've managed to stray away from Others when they smoke. This is my second lifetime pneumonia infection, thank you for your help

  • All those doctors have had a good look at you and told you what it is that wrong. So stop worrying about cancer, they know what is wrong with you and will be doing everything to make you feel well again.

    It's hard not to worry but it looks like you will be ok.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Thank you, I'll do my best to harness my fears

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