For years I have been dealing with this "anxiety" business. My legs get heavy my feet throb. At times I feel I have to keep moving my legs and others can't stand the thought of moving my body at all. I get light headed and more often than not I'm am so unbelievably tired it brings me to tears. The only way to describe my episodes is like labor contractions. They come on slowly, get worse, peak then begin easing up for a few moments then start again. My knees ache and feel weak I thought it was arthritis because I can here a clicking sound when I walk upstairs and I have to pop them almost every day or they feel stiff. I get bad headaches brom the back of my neck to the back of my head and my ears. It almost feels as if something toxic is running through the mid of my neck to the back of my head. I don't know if all this stuff is related, I just know it is super exhausting. I try to relax and use breathing techniques but it still miserable. Suggestions??


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  • Oh dear, no suggestions...but I have felt all the same things ... And others ... It's a rocky road we ride !! The best advice I can give is if you've been diagnosed with anxiety try to believe it and know that with the best will in the world it won't kill us ( sometimes feels like it) you just have to keep telling yourself.. It's anxiety and symptoms of .. You will not harm me .. I am stronger than you! I get stuff it comes along and I have to say , I've had this before.. Got through it , will do again..and with the help and advice on this site I mostly do..

    You will too !

  • Thanks!! I know it won't kill me. I have pretty much gotten past the worrying myself because I know that makes things worse. I guess the thing that bugs me is lack of empathy from doctors. It's hard to think all of these physical symptoms are very real and arise at times when I'm not stressed or worked up. If so many of us suffer there has got to be a better solution right?? I mean medicine is a practice which means continued research. I will take the diagnosis of anxiety without hesitation but I can't accept not having the answers of why it is how it is and how to maybe not cure but cope. I know it's a long shot but to many people deal with this for me to settle for just a diagnosis ya know like let's get to the bottom of it. Lol maybe I'm just a dreamer. Thank you for your reply it's good to know others understand and I wish u the absolute best in your journey.

  • You are right what you're saying, there is a complete lack of understanding from a lot of people..unless you've lived it you can't comprehend what it's like ... I too am completely baffled as to why I can be bobbing along ok . And then a symptom pops up ( even tho I feel ok ) I then think it's not anxiety and be4 you know it full blown panic is back !! I do however think more people are aware it exist and it's not got quite the stigma it once had anymore .. Let's hope sometime soon as with many of these unseen illnesses.. A cure is found or at least we can get proper answers..

  • Hi ama2386,

    These are all typical anxiety symptoms don't panic I also experience these symptoms! You can try taking a hot bath with Epsom salt, massage therapy, working out or doing yoga, a hot-cold shower and see if maybe that helps relieve some of the tension and pain around your body. Are you seeing a therapist or getting help for your anxiety?

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