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I cant stand dog suffering

Just happy that there are other people out there who have the same " unhealthy" anxiety about the suffering of animals especially dogs.

I haven't got any remedy for the way I constantly feel but it helped to know that I am not insane. I just wish I could let go and not get drawn into obsessively wanting to know the suffering of dogs and how they get killed all because no one wants them. I cant help them all and the frustration and sadness is sometimes overwhelming

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How about doing something proactive, liking volunteering at the Humane Society?


Its very easy to become so overwhelmed and consumed by the terrible suffering of animals, I too feel very very strongly about it, this is not because your insane, its because you care, but it may be a good idea to try and focus on some other things if you can, when you feel so emotionally affected by things like this it's not always a good idea to put yourself in an environment that will allow you to see more suffering, this doesn't mean you have to turn a blind eye, if you wanted to try and help you have the option of donating to animal rescue without being in close contact, that way you can help but you also won't be upsetting yourself further by actually seeing the animals or getting too involved :-) xxx


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